139-140 of Z, TV-PG Can be seen as early as between the Androids and Cell Sagas.Between ep. Dragon Ball Episodes 1-34 Dragon Ball Movie | It would be a spoiler for later events. Rather than typing up another opinion and outline of how I think you should do it, I'm willing to write up the specific list you're asking for. I'd like to add that if you're going to watch DBZ, or any anime for that matter, that you try to support the office release. I've seen Saiyan Saga through 19 vs. Vegeta in Kai. | Hi! Son Goku and Friends Return!! I want to watch ALL of DB, DBZ, DBGT, DBS, and the movies and specials in chronological order. Frieza Saga: ep. 140-165 NON CANON; A direct sequel to Curse of the Blood Rubies. All the old movies from the 80s and 90s take place with little regard to continuity. 47 min | See also: * Dragon Ball - Double edition (21 volumes) * Dragon Ball - Kanzenban edition (34 volumes) * Dragon Ball - Wideban edition (14 volumes) * Dragon Ball - First italian edition (62 volumes) * Dragon Ball - Ful… Dragon Ball Z Gaiden: Saiya-jin Zetsumetsu Keikaku, TV-PG Continuation of Dragon Ball Super (2015 TV Series); a crossover between Dragon Ball Super and the arcade video-game Dragon Ball Heroes. Animation, Action, Adventure, TV-PG | Garlick Jr Saga: ep. Animation, Action, Adventure. It is a direct sequel to the previous movie, Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming . adrianmalacoda's comment sums things up perfectly, but I want to drop in my two cents, hopefully it helps somewhat. Takes place directly after Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge. (This "IMDB version" stands for both Japanese and English). NON CANON; A re-telling of the original Dragon Ball anime series. Dragon Ball Super comes after Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball GT was created after Dragon Ball Z aired in Japan. Not release order, but chronological order. Dragon Ball GT The initial manga, written and illustrated by Toriyama, was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1984 to 1995, with the 519 individual chapters collected into 42 tankōbon volumes by its publisher Shueisha. If not, then watch the story as it was intended. Don't worry about spoilers, I just want to marathon it all with a guide. Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle, Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku, Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan, Dragon Ball Z Gaiden: Saiya-jin Zetsumetsu Keikaku. The Remaining Super Warrios ~ Gohan and Trunks (if purely chronological according to the main story timeline, watch this in the time jump after they bring back everyone to life after the Planet Namek battle and before Goku arrives back to earth), continue with Dragon Ball Z episodes and movies with the release orders up to the Boo saga, Battle of Gods movie and Dragon Ball Super Battle of Gods arc, Revival of F movie and Dragon Ball Super Revival of F arc, back to Dragon Ball Z to finish up the series with the last Tenkaicihi Budokai "arc", The Path to Utimate Strength (placed here because I feel like this is like a transition to the GT series with Goku's uniform and art style as well as this strength, and kind of jarring to be placed in the actual timeline), Goku's Side Story! | | Dragon Ball Kai (known as Dragon Ball Z Kai in the west) is Dragon Ball Z with most of the episode padding and filler content (scenes not present in the original comic book) removed. 194-195 of Z, Not Rated Peaceful World Saga: 288-291, Not Rated 209-210 of Z. Animation, Action, Adventure. 118-139 | Animation, Action, Adventure, Not Rated Androids Saga: ep. | Takes place between the Cell and Buu Sagas.Between ep. Have you watched the series before? Dragon Ball Watch Order Dragon Ball (153 Episodes) Here’s where you start. Hey_Taka-tin_Hey said: This is the order: Dragon Ball - Goku Arc - Red Ribbon Army Arc - Piccolo Arc - Stop after King Piccolo. 166-194 In the anime, there is a special that happens before the events of the series, but it's best if you skip this until you get into later portions of the series. | Animation, Action, Adventure, NON CANON; Takes place after Dragon Ball Z, and the same story is re-told in the first saga of Dragon Ball Super, Battle of Gods Saga (episodes 1-14), Not Rated TV-Y7 New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A subreddit for all things Dragon Ball! 65 min | 001-035 A continuation of Dragon Ball Super (2015 TV Series), it reboots the origin story of Broly, making the old movies non-canon. | | How to watch Dragon Ball in the correct order ! I've also read the entire DBZ manga. 'Dragon Ball Super' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far 60 min … Sorta. Between ep. Animation, Drama, Fantasy, This prequel takes place before the original Dragon Ball, but mentions characters from the Frieza saga, so should be watched after that. Watch Dragon Ball and then watch Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Kai, it's up to you. Animation, Action, Sci-Fi, Not Rated For example, there's some specials that take place long before the start of the main series, and will spoil things that happen later on, and people usually watch those after the specific story arc they're correlated to. 41 min | 3. | The Best Way to Watch Dragon Ball MOVIES in Order A little while back I made a video on how to watch the whole anime in order. 100 min Don't watch the Piccolo Jr. Saga. | This meant Cloverway would produce redubbing of Dragon Ball and dubbing the rest of the s… She'd never seen a minute of the show before, while I'd … If you want to watch it in airing order, I made a brief guide for that. As a huge fan of the show, I made a list that is 100% accurate: [1] Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai!Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai! It probably fits before the Goku's Side Story movie. | | Takes place before the beginning of Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Z Kai. Right from the beginning of each character’s introduction and the basic plot, everything begins here for this legendary anime. Animation, Action, Adventure, Takes place at the beginning of the Majin Buu Saga.Between ep. Majin Buu Saga: ep. | 45 min I just jumped into this thread, and I can't imagine how confusing most of the comments about canon and continuity must be. | Animation, Action, Adventure, A continuation of Dragon Ball (1986 TV Series)It contains the following sagas: So it would probably be the first chronologically. Start with the 1986 Dragon Ball anime, then either jump into Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Kai. 48 min It happens 15 years after Dragon Ball Z's final arc, and you may watch it after Dragon Ball Z, but you may do so optionally, as newer media contradicts events in it. | 287-288 of Z, Not Rated I'm trying to watch the whole "anime canon". Cell Saga: ep. | 165-166 of Z. Seeing as GT, the movies and some of the specials aren't apart of the continuity or "canon" of DB and Z, that may not be an easy list to make. For the most part, the Dragon Ball anime series is of a canon nature. 24 min Animation, Action, Adventure, Takes place between the Saiyan and Frieza Sagas Between ep. Every Dragon Ball Series, Theatrical film, TV special, Festival short and OVA in watching order. The very first Dragon Ball movie also started the series’ trend of setting stories in alternate continuities.Curse of the Blood Rubies (or The Legend of Shenlong) is a condensation of the manga’s introductory arc, where Goku meets the likes of Bulma and Master Roshi for … 139-140 of Z, Not Rated The two new films, Battle of Gods from 2013 and Resurrection 'F' from 2015 are continuations of the story, so after you're finished with Dragon Ball Z, you may jump into those. It's form original creator, not like GT (Dragon Ball GT isn't connected to this). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock is a what if story. | 72 min | It happens only 5 years after DBZ, or "15 years after Buu's defeat". Or maybe the old movies make this movie non-canon. It happens 15 years after Dragon Ball Z. Talking about anime, Dragon Ball is one series that has the highest number of fans worldwide, and to be honest Dragon Ball Super is no different when it comes to its fan following. NON CANON; a completely different story, where the same characters have different roles fighting a new villain. r/chuunibyou u/smearierwharf4y All chuunibyou series order: META For all of you who are wondering in which order you should watch chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai! 52 min (it's "5." | | Animation, Family, Fantasy, NON CANON; A continuation to Dragon Ball GT, Takes place after the end of Dragon Ball Z, TV-14 | So, clearly there's a lot of different methods/suggestions on how you can go about watching this series. 59 min After you're done with that, you can start to worry about the new films or Dragon Ball Super. | Animation, Action, Adventure. Dragon Ball, DBZ, GT, Kai, Super: Main Series Timeline & Watch Order, Explained With the franchise still going strong as ever at over 600 episodes, here's a rundown on each Dragon Ball anime. Watch the complete Saiyan Saga and then watch DBZ movies 1-4. Animation, Action, Adventure, Takes place in the alternate future where the Androids rule the world, before Trunks decides to go back to the past. Dragon Ball (Japanese: ドラゴンボール, Hepburn: Doragon Bōru) is a Japanese media franchise created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. The dub for Kai is far more accurate. | Animation, Action, Adventure, A remake of Path To Power should be watched after the Red Ribbon Saga in Dragon Ball btw. Guys, I'm not unfamiliar with the series. TV-PG Every Dragon Ball Series, Theatrical film, TV special, Festival short and OVA in watching order. | discord.gg/dbz, Press J to jump to the feed. Takes place directly after the events of the movie Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan. (please sort by List Order). The events are retold in the second saga of Dragon Ball Super, Resurrection ‘F’ Saga (episodes 15-27), A Continuation of Dragon Ball Z (1989 TV Series), PG 43 min There are some important exceptions, however.First, Dragon Ball GT is considered non-canon. 287-288 of Z, TV-PG (considering they were all alternate stories to the series, unlike DBZ, it's just fine.) And then when you're done you can go ahead and watch the movies from 1-13, Dragon Ball GT and the 100 Years later special. NON CANON; continuation to Dragon Ball Z (1989 TV Series), TV-PG Animation, Action, Adventure. Dragon Ball Z - Skip all of it, it's shit. | | Watch Yo! | 50 min It's currently ongoing, and it's placement in the story is the same as above, it happens after the final arc of Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball GT was created after Dragon Ball Z aired in Japan. Unrated 48 min I don't have a list, but I do have 2 separate guides (episode guide, movie guide) that I can compile for you really quickly.This will be in the order that each feature was released. For example, one character who should be dead would be alive for no apparent reason. Well, when you watch them Dragon Ball Super is a retelling of these two films, produced for a TV audience who might not have had access to watch the films. If you've watched the show already and still wanna watch the movies "chronologically" then you should know that The movies don't fit into the main story. Super Dragon Ball Heroes – amazing anime from 2018 year. | Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z were originally published in 42 volumes (tankoubon) under the first name in Japan and most foreign countries. Here's where you can stream them all. 108-117 | So since I restarted my Dragon Ball journey early last year, I was frustrated by the fact that I couldn't find a simple guide for viewing order on the internet in … I was so impressed of Super Dragon Ball Heroes that I ended 28 votes, 34 comments. | Dragon Ball Kai is a remastered cut of Dragon Ball Z, but the final arc remains unlicensed in Western territories, so most people switch over to episode 200 of Z when they reach this point. | by this list's scale if you watch it TV-PG Anywhere they remotely make sense works. | | Hi Maciasny, it seems like you might be looking for a show's watch order! Cell Games Saga: ep. After finishing DBZ, I started watching the movies yet again. Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock is a what if story of sorts but it takes place at least a thousand years before the Battle on Namek. Animation, Action, Adventure. 85 min | Pretty sure GT is after Super in that canon. 48 min Doragon bôru: Sûpâ saiyajin zetsumetsu keikaku. Dragon Ball has had a long storied history.has had a long storied history. This is especially true with the Dragon Ball movies.I think the best thing would be to watch them after the saga they take place in (but keeping in mind that they have no implication on the main story).. Eg. 80 min Animation, Action, Sci-Fi, Takes place between the Androids and Cell Sagas.Between ep. 036-107 93 min Yes, I want strictly chronological order. All things considered, I'd go with Dragon Ball Z. Dream 9 Toriko x One Piece x Dragon Ball Z Super Collaboration Special!. action & adventurecategory did not create a better anime and you can now watch for free on this website. 107-108 of Z, TV-PG Regarding English vs Japanese, it's once again up to you, but you should be aware that Z was dubbed in the mid-90s and there was a less strict adherence to the script. SUBSCRIBE AND TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS!Welcome to the 2020 edition of "The Correct Order to Watch Dragon Ball"! Kai has a much more faithful-to-the-Japanese English dub than Z does, and as a result, it is often recommended for new viewers who do not wish to watch the series subtitled. NON CANON; A direct sequel to Sleeping Princes in Devil's Castle. Zero y el Dragón Mágico was the first Dragon Ball meta series to arrive in Latin America. GT is an optional watch that would happen at the far end of the story. TV-PG On our watch order wiki you can find suggested orders for a ton of shows (hopefully including the one you're looking for), as well as information that will help you decide on what to watch for the more complicated series Gundam . Because of this, to not make the same mistake again and to see the work of Saint Seiya dub produced by Cloverway Inc., Bandai decided to transfer license of the Dragon Ball anime series for Cloverway. 10 min Where To Watch Every Dragon Ball Series Online There are tons of different Dragon Ball series out there. | Animation, Action, Sci-Fi, Events occur after the defeat of Buu, between the Kid Buu and Peaceful World sagas.Between ep. 24 min Initially, it was licensed and distributed by Bandai. | Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z (or Kai depending on what you prefer) watch until before the "Granddaughter Pan" episode. Dragon Ball Z is one of, if not the most popular and well-known anime ever. | I personally suggest watching through a portion of the anime, and then slowly watch the old movies as you go along. Animation, Action, Drama, A direct sequel to Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku, NON CANON; A crossover between Dragon Ball, One Piece and Toriko, TV-PG 035-036 of Z, Not Rated Where do the DBZ Movies fit? As for the TV specials and OVAs, after you've got a ground understanding of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, the placement of these in the story would become apparent to you. Incorrect. After finishing Dragon Ball, I watched Dragon Ball Movies. This includes Episode of Bardock and Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans. Animation, Action, Fantasy. As for the TV specials and OVAs, after you've got a ground understanding of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, the placement of these in the story would become apparent to you. 195- 287 Animation, Short, Action. The Proof of his Courage is the Four-Star Ball, Edit: Honestly I never read through AF so I don't know exactly where it fits chronologically. But it's only fanfic, so not that big of a deal =Þ. I've seen both Bardock specials and read Dragon Ball Minus, and am currently on Dragon Ball Episode 1. 24 min Or would you rather have a list compiled that is conscious of spoilers, and re-orders certain pieces of the story in order to not spoil the main series? By canon, fans mean that the particular series or movie primarily followed the original manga series and was made with input from the creator – Akira Toriyama. It is a what if prequeal to Bardocks story. Events occur after the defeat of Buu.Between ep. 035-036 of Z, TV-PG | A Final, Solitary Battle ~The Father of Z-Warrior Kakarrot, Who Challenged Freeza~, Dragon Ball episodes and the three movies (can just follow the release order), Dragon Ball Z episodes and the movies with the release orders, Defiance in the Face of Despair!! Animation, Action, Fantasy, While unclear, as it was produced after the Frieza saga, it seems to take place between the Saiyan and Frieza Sagas as Goku yet doesn't have the ability to become a Super Saiyan.Between ep. | In Star Wars, imagine finding out Anakin is Darth Vader before watching Empire. Akira Toriyama had little to no input on the series and was not happy with how it turned out. | Every Single Dragon Ball Series (In Chronological Order) A multi-series project spanning more than thirty years, here are each of the Dragon Ball anime series, presented in chronological order. How do you watch Dragon Ball Z the RIGHT WAY? It happens 15 years after Dragon Ball Z's final arc, and you may watch it after Dragon Ball Z, but you may do so optionally, as newer media contradicts events in it. | After the Frieza saga watch movie 5, after the android saga watch 5-8 etc etc. (please sort by List Order). | Dragon Ball: Hey! Animation, Action, Adventure. 46 min TV-14 Although there are a few Saiyan Saga: ep. Watch the order I mentioned regarding the "granddaughter pan" episode and then watch DBGT and the special. My only question is, do you want the list to be extremely strictly chronological, even if it means spoilers? | Son Goku and his Friends return Special, Dragon Ball Z Battle Of Gods, and Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F (I'd skip Super for now because it's still ongoing), then watch DBZ again from "Granddaughter Pan" until the end. On this video I go through the GEEKDOM ORDER on how to watch the series. 45 min 20 min Anyone have a list? | By Fremy Well then, you want to play Dragon Ball FighterZ but also want to appreciate the characters and the universe ? | Much of Dragon Ball can be separated into canon or not canon. TV-14 Noted down is the chronology where each movie takes place in the timeline, to make it easier to watch everything in the right order. This first attempt to commercialize Dragon Ball in Latin America was a failure. You'll have to decide for yourself. Animation, Action, Sci-Fi, Takes place between the Cell and Cell Games Sagas.Between ep. Animation, Action, Adventure, NON CANON; A sequel to Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. I'm currently taking my wife on a tour of all things Dragon Ball. As it was mentioned before, use the list to find the best placement for these movies. RELATED: Dragon Ball: Judge Tosses Vic Mignona's Final Claims Against Funimation Just as the anime series' first two major arcs adapted and expanded the events of the last two Dragon Ball Z films, Super could similarly adapt and expand the events of Broly into new storyline while sowing the seeds for original stories within the franchise. 47 min