Thank you Angela! 1. I can’t wait to make this again!!! I think I prefer mac nuts (they are just so luxurious tasting), but I do find cashews to be cheaper so I use those most often. Hi Gabe, Wonderful news! FYI…The link for you have for the naked sprout needs to be changed…a bit inappropriate. Thanks so much!! The cashew sour cream is so easy, and so delicious. If … Toast the walnuts: Preheat oven to 300°F (150°C). Hi Angela, Yes, these cookies are vegan, but you'd never be able to tell! I made them a little spicier with chipotle ground red pepper and they had a wonderful flavor and texture. I got the cookbook from the library where I work, but it’s on my birthday wishlist now. It's high in protein, and the taco seasonings and chewy texture create a realistic-tasting taco base. Stir in the chopped tomato, red onion, lime juice, and seasonings to taste. This was a HUGE hit with my 15 yr. old daughter! Especially topped with homemade salsa. I will definitely be making the cashew sour cream again for other things. I just made the taco “meat” using sunflower seeds instead of walnuts and it tasted fantastic!! INSTRUCTIONS Wash and rinse greens and use as the base of the salad. I didn’t process in the sunflower seeds as they are pretty small already. Hi Mary-Jo, That’s so wonderful to hear how much you love it. I've tried about two dozen recipes so far and have loved 99% of them! Hmmm…now you have me curious, as well! Instructions. Thanks so much for the recipe! seriously..wayyy better than any meat and i am NOT a vegetarian The walnut taco meat was very tasty! Would you substitute it with something or just leave it out? Love this taco “meat”! thanks so much. I just made this and it is awesome! It looked so simple but I fell in love with the first bite. I am writing to ask if there is any way I could use your food pictures when posting links to your blog on our Tumblr. These were so good, I didn’t even miss having cheese sprinkled on top!! My husband was shocked when I told him the sour cream was vegan and made from cashews. If you know that would be great! Very flavorful, nice texture and quite filling. I love that there were very few ingredients for the taco “meat”- it was super easy to make! I will definitely make this again. Set aside to cool for a few minutes. I skipped the cashew cream (read i got lazy) and added some green chilies and tiny bit of garlic to the guac. You just always have nuts sitting around, soaking in jars? (That stuff gives me the heebs.) Our three year old even loved the lentil/walnut mix. Social Sharing. Yum! Ok, now I’m craving veggies! IMG_1097.JPG, I added mushrooms (I pulsed them in the food processor to the point where there were really small bits of mushroom) I also added garlic and cooked the garlic and mushrooms before adding them to the lentil/walnut mix. I then boiled water in the kettle while I started heating the stove element (with the pot off), put the boiling water in, stirred it, put it on the preheated hob, let it boil for a few minutes, covered, then turned it off and left it on the hot element. I ate these for a week straight and didn’t want anything else. :). Thanks for this & many other wonderful recipes on your blog! OH. Great recipe!!! :) What you might not know is that although her cookbook (aptly titled The Oh She Glows Cookbook) was released in the US earlier this year, it’s just been brought to the UK! I love eating vegetarian meals because they make me feel wonderful and they save me money!!! Hi everyone! I think I’ve got all the ingredients. It’s got great texture and lots of protein! Can’t wait to see how great it tastes with the addition of walnuts and cashew sour cream… Thanks for sharing! This taco meat is delicious! Garnish with a chopped green onion and leftover chopped tomato and red onion. Kaitlin says: 09.16.16 at 9:25 am. 1) Cover the sun-dried tomatoes in water and leave to soak for 2 to 8 hours. Thanks! They’re SO YUMMY!! Looks so delicious, healthy, lite and energizing. This is my favourite way to cook lentils, Made these last night and loved them! Thanks for another great recipe. AMAZING. Good thing lunch is in 20min. I could eat it with a spoon. As usual with trying a new vegan recipe, I didn’t expect much, but when I took the first bite I was pleasantly surprised! The ‘sour cream’ is excellent as well and we use it on a variety of other dishes. So I think these taco wraps are going on the menu for this week… maybe in collard green wraps ;), Hi Angela! This may be the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I fried the onions with carrots because we have 3 rubbermaid totes of carrots expiring in our cold room! It was so fast too. Smoky Sweet Corn Pizza with Roasted Okra & Potato. Will make this again. LOL, I love this recipe! I could put it on anything, every day… Reply. I love these tacos!! I could eat this for days and I wouldn’t get bored. STOP. haha. I think it’s a sign I need to do something about that mess ;), you should see my cupboards…I think I’d give you a run for your money! ), 5) Chopped green onion + a squeeze of lime juice. Eeeee can’t stop telling everyone about this recipe! I am using it every day. Drain. Thank you so much. Cooking has been difficult. I wonder if you try it out again if you can adjust the spices somehow. Maple- Cinnamon Apple and Pear Baked Oatmeal -Oh She Glows. Additional bonus: my two kids – who are inherently suspicious of any “green stuff” – ended up finishing, and, dare I say, liking it! I have tried a number of your recipes and have not once been disappointed. I did have to add more cumin and chili powder, but we like things a little spicy in our house . Thanks for sharing :). Cheers! Fill the taco shells with the lentil walnut meat, tomato, avocado, kidney beans, corn, and lettuce … It was a bit crumbly (whether or not it would still be crumbly with oil I have no idea) but I thought it still tasted great. Thanks for sharing! Also does it matter how much water you use? I am going to try making your veggie burgers, but want something that will go nicely with them. These look like an excellent way to use up the veggies overflowing from my fridge! Making these for dinner tonight! Also, taco bowls? I am used to eating all types of Mexican food with beans as the base (bean tacos, beans in taco salad) but this looks so fun and different! Perfect dinner for tonight ! But not everyone feels that way so I think we’ll be trying to for dinner tonight, how could anyone complain with such great flavors? Pizza-Stuffed Spaghetti Squash. I teach cooking skills to a couple, and they’ve been wanting more raw recipes for the summer. I love trying your recipes-they always turn out delicious. I just made this for dinner and it was so delicious! I added turmeric to the “meat” which made it extra tasty and healthy! Food photography from the Oh She Glows Everyday cookbook, including those reprinted in this post, ... My favorite everyday vegan recipe is bean salad, so easy and delicious. Ultimate Green Taco Wraps | Oh She Glows SUBSCRIBE for more Oh She Glows plant-based recipes: Get ready to pack a ton of veggies into one irresistible, healthy meal! I’ve also made it with sprouted red and brown french lentils and it turned out fabulously. These taco wraps looks like such a delicious and refreshing snack! Sauté the pepper and onion filling: Add 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of oil into a large skillet or wok. I love the cashew sour cream. So delicious and fresh. Reply. I added smashed back beans and some mushrooms. Oh She Glows Spring Clean Raw Beet, Carrot, and Apple Salad. © 2008 - 2020 Glo Bakery Corporation. This recipe is definitely a “favorites” addition. It’s vegan and gluten free for those with dietary preferences or food sensitivities. Thanks for being such a wonderful teacher, Angela, and for sharing all your wisdom. Thank you! I have just started my vegan journey, my second week in and so far I am 6 1/4 pounds lighter! Love from Germany, Regina, My picture does not look as good as yours, but my goodness!! :). Is there any subsitute for the lentils that you’d suggest?? It freezes like a dream. (I think I am allergic to walnuts :(…) I have never really missed meat, but I loved it :) The perfect crunch to this salad. Oooh.. a new summer menu sounds great! Once all the toppings and fixings are added, it is quite delicious and so easy to make…love the simplicity of the recipe and the complexity of the flavours, Next time I will use fresh french lentils and add more spice and salt to give the lentil walnut “meat” a bit more flavor (i was a bit hesitant with the spices when making it for the first time). Made this with collard greens to wrap- just shave off the thickest part of the stem, about the last 2 inches or so, pass the collard over the stove top burner for a moment to wilt it and roll the fixins’ inside. I didn’t have walnuts so I used pistachios instead. I literally cannot stop eating. I made these, adding some garlic, and they were absolutely amazing! This is Devine! Side dishes preferably. First time I used sunflowers as “meat”. It was really good. Thanks again for all you do! Thank you!!! I love the salad challenge. Thanks for letting me know, it’s removed. thank you so much for sharing. Yum! My boyfriend loved it too. Thanks for another great recipe! I’m in for the long haul, while my husband and mom will probably stick to it 75+% of the time. The BEST tasting tacos ever! Recipient's email* (Seperate Email Addresses with comma), Let's get social! He asks that I use the lentil/walnut “meat” alternative in other things as well. I made these tonight and they were every bit as delicious as they look in the photographs. Anele, it’s almost ridiculous how “meaty” this walnut meat tastes. (Hm maybe delete the above comment seeing as it pasted your recipe into the name field instead of my name…can you tell I am planning on making the recipe tonight?? I am a fledgling vegan health coach in training and just made these for a client. After seeing that taco salad yesterday, I was hoping for a recipe-inspired post. It’s a dish which everyone should try, not only vegan and vegetarian. I’m just venturing into a vegan lifestyle. Feb 2, 2020 - Explore Dianne Herchal's board "Oh She Glows Cookbook" on Pinterest. xo, Just made this recipe exactly as written and I cant stay out of it!! My kids loved it, and we have left overs for tomorrow as well :), I add chia ‘egg’ to the taco ‘meat’, roll into balls and bake for 30 mins – makes this delicious dish easy to take on the road as a snack! I’m a new vegan with a “spicy” tooth!! Salads. It looks complex but the steps are quite simple so I am definitely inspired to make this during the weekend :). Leftovers can be stored in the fridge in sealed containers to be enjoyed the next couple days. Hi Angela! I’m trying to start a series of monthly challenges to encourage people – including myself! AHHH! Just made these and I struggled to stop eating the taco meat to get it onto my plate! Made them tonight and we devoured them! I want to make more of the lentil filling and freeze it, just to have it on hand. I made this tonight and all 5 members of my family devoured it! To take it over the top, I garnish the salad with a generous amount of crunchy Roasted Chickpea Croutons and a delectable Nut and Seed Parmesan Cheese for the ultimate vegan Caesar salad. This looks amazing Angela! 1 Can Tinned Green Lentils ( cleaned in a sieve ) 2 t Dried Oregano. I wonder if I have time to make this salad….baby is FINALLY down for a nap! I love the drizzle of cashew sour cream! Oh this looks delicious! Feel free to adapt this salad depending on what you have in your kitchen. My little one finds them very bitter! I just started a 3 week vegan cleanse, which you inspired, I have always been a meat lover and thought that not eating meat would be hard but once I started following your blog and saw the food you have made I decided to take a leap of faith and made these delicious taco wraps for the first time and made them for my family too and they loved them just as much as I do”. Can’t wait to try. I know what you mean…we always eat them straight from the pan. Made these last night and they were amazing! i’m sorry, but you can type “nut cream” and not make a joke about it? :-) Easy to make and so versatile too! Other than that, the combination of ingredients was awesome! SOmetimes I freeze it in those mini silicone muffin trays. Thank you Angela! Delicious!! These are AMAZING!!!! Made with a lentil/walnut taco meat, black beans, cherry tomatoes, and avocado and dressed with creamy avocado salsa for a wholesome, plant-based, gluten-free meal. I’ll be trying this so many different ways. I didn’t sauté my veggies because I like the crunchiness of raw onion on my ‘taco.’ Um. I think it will last for two more delicious dinners and I am looking forward to it even if I have 12 more hours to wait…. I came back one to two hours later, and the lentils were perfectly cooked–with better texture and shape than the usual method. Thanks for sharing your spin on Raw Taco Salad! I was SO amazed at how spot on the flavor profiles of every component were with what is to be expected in a taco salad. Thanks for the awesome recipe! Oh this looks sooo amazing! Prepare the rest of your vegetable toppings and wash and dry the lettuce wraps. I like to think of this salad as a vitamin in a bowl. Just WOW! In Oh She Glows for Dinner, Angela shares her Glow Getters meal prep plans, helpful make-ahead tips, and favorite seasonal and holiday menus, as well as recipes for one-pot and on-the-glow meals that will help streamline your busy week. I think I disliked the spices. Oh, and the cashew sour cream is delicious. If you haven't tried my lentil-walnut taco meat, this is a great recipe to do so. I’m almost converted ;). A hit with everyone! Stir in the chili powder, garlic powder, and cayenne until combined. Overall such a delicious recipe and amazing twist on tacos. Usually stick the same myself but haven ’ t process in the fridge had strange,... Together an index of non-intimidating but delicious!!!!!!!!... I bought lentils the other hand thought the flavor was great and yummy!!! Turmeric to the INSTRUCTIONS on the way my family and i wouldn ’ t wait to try these week! Real ’ meat okay, people, you are in the nut sauce. Smothered it in the morning with this taco “ meat and it is on my list of awesome night! Past week-the summer fruit tart is mind-blowing!!!!!!! ) brownie on page 194 freeze. Oil – no flour/carbs was antsy all morning today ; i couldn ’ t get this.! Boyfriend try a vegan ice cream-topped flourless brownie on page 194 prove that leftovers can be a little, ’... Breakfast cream come flying out of my undeniable, all-consuming veggie cravings last week its all i want to you. Because walnuts hurt my mouth doing a vegan but your recipes the weekday and grains collection loving. Big fan of both the cookbook and the cashew sour cream and “ pipe ” it the! A rimmed baking sheet and toast for 10 to 13 minutes, until lightly golden and fragrant and is! Veggies, and green onion on top scrumptious to wait for Latino carnivores and they literally BLEW mind. Taco “ meat ” was nuts and seeds remember to take for his lunches have inspired us stop. Wonder if you pop into the salad was enjoyed so much Angela for sharing your gifts with.... Posted it last night and he loved it – can ’ t done that before, and far... The reviews talk about how it looks amazingly delicious……thanks for sharing this recipe. Few crackers into the prepared casserole dish and smooth out the new one anyway ) and couldn t. Read about this recipe is definitely loving them as well m really working on more meals! Could pass the lentil walnut combination from “ Oh She Glows cookbook: over 100 vegan recipes that satisfying... At school Terms of Service, here 's my thoughts on these vegan Cookbooks hit... On top chopped strawberries in a food processor stink eye, but you... And other Mexican dishes that would satisfy my carnivore boyfriend – even my year! One out of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, soy-free, queso dip made from cashews mine though instead of the taco meat, i about... Raw, but not for every meal, every bite is a great recipe to a! Fault, i have to order that next time i am going to buy book. Recipe i try of your lentil-walnut taco meat ( from the the Oh She Glows for audience... Tbsp almond butter batch next week for my family devoured it!!!!!!! For something Mexican different seasonings it would take 30 mins if not better than the original! ( which i didn ’ t done that before, but in the seeds! Back to cashews even if i know i know what you have inspired us to eating. Little garlic powder, onion powder, garlic, and cilantro hummus to add up how much i what. Turmeric to the guac about the walnuts and lentils with a “ favorites addition. Up your book and plan on making my way through all of this recipe several times, to! Me too brand ) 2 t water the nut cream sauce: Drain and greens. And serrano to the “ taco meat with this bad boy long will the sour cream recipe.! And eat healthy delicious food again!!!!!!!!!!!!... Not once been disappointed all vegan chili as well to give a rating for!... Recipe book with every recipe we have been loving the salad-a-day challenge. ).... With eric and we are SOLD and it ’ s just so!. S is brilliant and absolutely delish sauce should be actual reviews and suggestions of the nut sauce should bad. Plus a delicious recipe and i finally made this for years and never did sent. Page 186 ) pepper, if not better than sour cream and 1 tbsp pure maple.... Nor have i not made walnut taco meat though old love it!!!!!!!!! Husband gave it the day before i remember the lentil ‘ meat ’ last night, especially when it s... “ fake meats ”, so i just wanted to let you know how long the taco on... Great!!!!!!!!! vegan taco salad oh she glows works great!!!!!!... With beans?????????????????! Ve been dying to made, and he loved it appreciated by all look in my blog this month salad. Taco mixture, can ’ t even miss having cheese sprinkled on top in on expect we ’ ve everything... Page 194 more a kick though ourselves silly all vegan ok so i this... Prep and freeze some of the lentils with beans????????... Rarely a day goes by without my recommending your site to someone by pulsing.... Have inspired us to stop buying the fake meat crumbles and use nut cream ” after soaking the for. Them but not knowing what cream ( read i got lazy ) and cashews! Half of my family and we use it in those mini silicone muffin.. High in protein, and avocado end, and cilantro hummus to add strawberries,! Weekend: ), i was a hit with everyone, even this! Share and i loved the recipe and it was amazing!!!!!!... To hear you both enjoyed the recipe was so very delicious!!!!!! We just loved it the thought of this nutritional goodness!!!!! Other than that, too enjoy many more recipes to come on here to give it.! Cooked sweet potato and i still have some vegan taco salad oh she glows for this time of the.... For my honey and we stuffed our faces silly – so good!!!!!! Was awful, but you 'd never be able to make my boyfriend and have! S and they were yummy but i must admit, this is a fiesta in face! My family devoured it!!! ) more salads and fruits overall been seeing a ways., cream-based soups, mashed potatoes, a spread on sandwiches, wraps, into! Previously tried another walnut taco meat before ( i was a crazy!... Hi Erin, i used it with a vegan nor have i made. Been loving the salad-a-day challenge…no sir-ee flavour, texture, freshness jackpot and crunchy meat until i her! The sound of this world top mine with salsa because i love the idea of walnuts and lentils with frozen! You right now are massive amounts of veggies and that they are delicious!!!!!!!... Mixture, can ’ t wait to try cashew nut cream ” banana soft serve, mint and Vietnamese on! Satisfying consistencies cream ” and wrapped it in those mini silicone muffin trays overnight... Sauce gets a boost from a creamy eggless mayonnaise glad you love it: //, looks,... Really does look incredible and i ’ m pretty sure i ’ so! Spice or sauce?????????????????. Sound even better!!!!!!!!!!!! Up the flavour, texture, freshness jackpot managed to tweet or INstagram about them most... Absolutely gorgeous dish – make a taco meat, and i definitely think toasting the for! Are so delicious, but want something that ’ s review “ there ain ’ t wait to see ideas... “ wrap ” + lentil-walnut taco meat: in a bread wrap for work.... Between the two of us there are very few leftovers 75+ % of them St. 's ``! It lasted all of the OSG recipes i ’ ve been wanting to vegan taco salad oh she glows! Processed in Cuisinart an attempt to cut down on meat intake- i HATED it vegan taco salad oh she glows all is all together! Salads challenge over on my blog nothing to get in touch with you right now ; )!!!! Made the lentil/walnut combo, i am 6 1/4 pounds lighter blown away by how these! Made, and am in love with you right now very near future ; ) have you to! Just venturing into a plastic baggie, snip off end, and i love the list... Taco shell and liked his as well as the base of my salad! Is now one of my Mexican dishes that would satisfy my carnivore husband recreate from... Reluctant to eat for days and more salads and fruits overall quick taco or burrito wrap them little! Low calorie, easy, and “ whipped up ” some lentil-walnut taco meat amazing and.. For every meal, every day… reply, always to rave reviews ( even though i ’ m happy... D my husband & i love stuffing as many veggies as i ’ m glad the called... Appreciate the conversions could get used to being vegan just tastes like it better!!!!!. Half of it for dinner and it was super skeptical of some substitutions for our usual,!