The above watch orders are more than sufficient for maximum enjoyment. Twenty-five episodes of the original series were combined into thirteen 49-minute long episodes with some scenes being slightly extended. All pages, Megathreads Gundam is a very broad and branching franchise that may seem intimidating to find a place to start. Fist of the North Star -> Fist of the North Star 2 -> Shin Fist of the North Star. There are two versions of Eve no Jikan. It takes place between episodes 4 and 5 of the show. Since 1986, there have been 23 theatrical films based on the franchise, including twenty anime films produced by Toei Animation, two unofficial films, and one official live-action film.. The original story was created to fit the OVA format and ported to TV blocks results in plenty of strange breaks as well as iffy pacing especially near the beginning. 45+ Hurricane! : To the Top > Haikyuu!! !x2 Ten ( ep 20 - 24 ) > The nature and atmosphere of 'Black Jack [OVA]' and 'Young Black Jack' differ greatly from the TV series. Both OVAs are mostly prequel events to the series but are meant to be seen after the respective seasons. No Game No Life --> No Game No Life: Zero. The series has also gotten a reboot known as Sailor Moon: Crystal. In my opinion, certain scenes in the anime have more impact if you're watching episodically. Now that I've finished all the series: Here it is Dragon Ball: Emperor Pilaf Saga Tournament Saga … School Idol Project OVA -> Love Live! Boruto is intended to be the entry point for a whole new generation of fans, as such it is not necessary to watch the original before picking it up. In order of shows Dragon Ball,Z or Kai Kai is just a remake of Z, and finally Super and GT is technically after Z but isn't canon so it's not entirely necessary movies are also not canon except for Battle of Gods and Ressurection of F but those are just the first two arcs of super done way better but still not necessary for the others I say just watch … Rozen Maiden -> Träumend -> Ouvertüre -> Zurückspulen (2013), Rurouni Kenshin -> Movie -> Trust and Betrayal -> Reflection, Sailor Moon -> Sailor Moon R -> Sailor Moon S -> Sailor Moon SuperS -> Sailor Moon SailorStars. These can be useful for working out a watch order by yourself, however they're not always enough. Young Black Jack is a prequel and can be watched first in the franchise. : vs "Akaten" (OVA) > Haikyuu!! Writing Club Post Meta concerns in the monthly meta threads. The series follows the Var-countering "tactical idol" group known as Walküre and its partners in the Delta Variable Fighter squadron, as a larger conflict emerges from a galactic backwater. The 5 Akito movies are standalone stories in the Code Geass universe but that's about it. Slayers Premium should be watched after the second entry of the main story, Slayers Next. While both orders work well, broadcast order is usually the recommended choice. And then if you want you can watch Omega, which takes place after Hades and Heaven. -> Tantei Opera Milky Holmes: Fun Fun Party Night♪ - Ken to Janet no Okurimono So far the anime that have been produced are: A 25-episode TV series made in 1997 entitled Berserk. While Love Live! Z's pacing is glacial though. ), Clannad -> Clannad: Another World Kyou Chapter -> Clannad: Another World Tomoyo Chapter -> Clannad: Afterstory -> Clannad: Movie. Full series set on another colonization fleet, which, as usual, encounters an unknown and hostile alien species. There's also the movie Sacred Star of Milos which can be watched after Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, but is completely optional. 3rd Season [TV]. The first two entries for Danganronpa 3, Mirai-hen and Zetsubou-hen, are intended to be watched by alternating episodes, starting with Mirai-hen (Future arc). Dragon ball. For a more in depth guide with games, novels, audio CDs included check this thread. This order is for viewers who want both the extra detail of the series and the more complete climax and aftermath shown in the movie. Mushishi -> Mushishi: Special: Hihamukage -> Mushishi Zoku Shou -> Mushishi Zoku Shou Special -> Mushishi Zoku Shou 2 -> Mushishi Zoku Shou: Suzu no Shizuku, Season 1 --> Boku no Hero Academia: Sukue! : Stairway to Heaven [Special] (Optional) -> Angel Beats! Please note that the two Noragami OVA episodes should be watched after Noragami Aragoto episode 6 (before watching episode 7). They are listed below in release order: Similarly, the music videos for Love Live! Hunter X Hunter (2011) is the newer version. Toradora! Movie 2 -> Timeline: 2040. Do not post spoilers in the submission title. 2 years ago. How do you watch Dragon Ball Z the RIGHT WAY? This watch order covers all of the material from the original adaption of LotGH covering the main story and the Gaiden prequels. You can watch them if you want more Kyousougiga, but they're not required. Sayonara no Tsubasa is most notable for addressing an ambiguity in the TV series's finale. While generally a placeholder to get something on the market after a multiyear drought, concepts which began here would have significant development in the later sequels. If you are interested in reading the light novels, please head on over to check out /r/YuYuYu's writeup and where to find them in their post, Light Novel Reading Order. However if you want to keep them relatively chronological; the first should be watched after Yorknew before Greed, and the second sometime before Chimera. So since I restarted my Dragon Ball journey early last year, I was frustrated by the fact that I couldn't find a simple guide for viewing order on the internet in terms of movies and specials, so I decided to make my own. Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn takes place after episode 258 of Z and Kai episode 144. Miscellaneous. The movie is not canon, but should be watched after season 1, Oregairu -> Oregairu OVA -> Oregairu Zoku -> Oregairu Zoku OVA -> Oregairu Season 3, Yama no Susume -> Yama no Susume: Kabe tte Kowakunai no? This one is generally recommended because it deepens the mystery surrounding some of the main characters and the world, though some argue it’s not true to the author’s intention because several of the adaptations were pushed back because of delays and technical issues. and to laugh at akira logic. Season 2 should be watched before the movie to follow the proper story line as well as introduce a central character. Vague connections between. works as an acceptable entry point into the franchise, you will be left out of the loop concerning why a particular idol group is so revered amongst the main characters of the series. WWW.Working!! Buu saga Dragon Ball Super : 1. For first timers Gaiden should be watched after the main story because it heavily references events from it. In any case, don't worry too much if you've missed one of the series or are starting out at an arbitrary point, it will still all fit together. Kuroko no Basuke Last Game. Nyaruko-san W -> Haiyore! (Zeta's summary A New Translation especially should not be watched first as it retcons the rest of UC). Zero is technically a prequel, but the story is framed as a conversation between two characters after the TV season, meaning that it has spoilers for the main series. If you're interested in only watching the animated entries without reading the manga, the order is the following: Tokyo Ghoul -> Tokyo Ghoul Root A -> Tokyo Ghoul: "Jack" (OVA) -> Tokyo Ghoul: "Pinto" (OVA) -> Tokyo Ghoul:re -> Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season. SOS Therefore, the recommended order for Tokyo Ghoul is: Tokyo Ghoul (S1) -> Tokyo Ghoul (Manga) -> Tokyo Ghoul: "Jack" (OVA) -> Tokyo Ghoul: "Pinto" (OVA) -> Tokyo Ghoul:re (Manga). Plus some VAs in Kai are better too imo, like Freeza. Macross Delta: Aired 2016, 26 episodes. Two of the Seven Stories movies are incomplete adaptions: Seven Stories: Lost Small World movie only adapts the first two thirds of the original source and does not contain the final part of the LN/Manga which is arguably the most important. Fanart While not often recommended as entry points into the franchise, they have worked very well as such for many in the past. He sounds so whiny and annoying. Although it is possible to jump straight to Dragon Ball Z, it is highly encouraged to start with Dragon Ball because you start from the beginning. Dragon Ball Z : 1. The Best Way to Watch Dragon Ball MOVIES in Order A little while back I made a video on how to watch the whole anime in order. (please sort by List Order). AMAs Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug - after episode 66 of Z and Kai episode 39. Casual Discussion Fridays Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Hellsing Ultimate is a full adaption of the manga storyline, released as ten 1-hour OVAs. The movie Death and Rebirth is a recap of the original series (Death), combined with the first half of End of Evangelion (Rebirth). : Free! Other animated entries are simply extras or recaps, and not necessary for viewing. "Hidden Leaf High School" Chronicles! Seishun no Kage -> Wake Up, Girls! How can I find out whether an episode is filler or not? -> Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Dai 2 Maku On this video I go through the GEEKDOM ORDER on how to watch the series. A set of three movies collectively titled Berserk: The Golden Age. Namek Saga (Ginyu Saga) 3. Spoilers The other Kyoukai no Kanata specials (Mini-theatre, Idol Saiban, etc) are all non-canon and can be watched at any point after the series. Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of The Dragon takes place after episode 270 and Kai episode 154. If so, then you should watch Railgun and Railgun S before Index episode 10 and on. !x2 Ten OVA ( ep 13.5 ) > Durarara! How might you do that? Some recommend that you watch ‘early’ UC (all shows in the section immediately above) first as it will much more easily get you used to the director Yoshiyuki Tomino’s unique style but otherwise there is little factual knowledge that you will miss by going into these entries blind. Further the visuals used in the opening and ending for 0096 are chock full of massive spoilers. Dragon Ball Z: The World’s Strongest - after Saiyan Saga in Kai and after episode 39 of Z. Dragon Ball … -> Tantei Opera Milky Holmes: Alternative Sakuragi Hanamichi (Movie 2) -> Slam Dunk 37-60 -> Slam Dunk: Shouhoku Saidai no Kiki! Due to production issues, episode numbers 15, 16, 17 and 18 of the series are recap episodes told from the perspectives of other characters reusing dialog and footage from the start of the series. Do note that in Tokyo Ghoul Root A, the anime goes on its own route separate from the manga. Well then, you want to play Dragon Ball FighterZ but also want to appreciate the characters and the universe ? !x2 Shou ( ep 5 - 12 ) > Durarara! This order is truthful to the source material’s release order, and dispels the extended mystery that happened in the original airing order, but offsets that by better grounding several characters’ relationships and clarifies some plot points. Cowboy Bebop episodes 1-22 -> Cowboy Bebop Movie -> Cowboy Bebop remaining episodes. All spoilers must be tagged. Here I will list the different AU timelines. : To the Top 2nd Season, Haiyore! Sunshine!! -> Tantei Opera Milky Holmes: Summer Special Dragon Ball, along with its sequels, has garnered millions of fans worldwide. Little Witch Academia (TV) exists in an entirely seperate continuity from the films and can be watched by itself, before, or after the movies. There is also a great set of shorts which can be watched. -> Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ: By Shedding Many Tears, the Reality You Face is... -> Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV, Shakugan no Shana 1-13 -> Shakugan no Shana SP (OVA) -> Shakugan no Shana 14-24 -> Shakugan no Shana: The Movie -> Shakugan no Shana Second -> Shakugan no Shana S -> Shakugan no Shana Final, Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis -> Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul -> Shingeki no Bahamut: Manaria Friends (spinoff), Season 1 --> OVA 1 (optional) --> Ni no Sara/The Second Plate --> Ni no Sara OVA (required) --> San no Sara/The Third Plate --> San no Sara OVA: Kyoukuseiryou no Erina (optional) --> San no Sara: Toutsuki Ressha-hen/The Third Plate: Toutsuki Train Arc, (Watch order courtesy of /u/YoudontknowPain), Slam Dunk 1-20 -> Slam Dunk Movie 1 -> Slam Dunk 21-36 -> Slam Dunk: Zenkoku Seiha Da! The Start of Fall 2020 Survey Results What are you looking forward to? To that end, here is: Macross is a long runner, initially proposed in 1980 as a comedic response to series such as Mobile Suit Gundam, but developing both serious and unique ideas of its own as it reached release. It is important to note that episodes 21-24 of the TV series have a director's cut version which should be watched instead of the standard 21-24 to better understand the overarching plot. The OVAs are aimed at manga readers. is standalone and can be watched independently. !x2 Shou OVA ( ep 4.5 ) > ), Gintama: Yorozuya Forever (movie that aired after Season 3), Gintama°: Aizome Kaori-hen (two-episode OVA). Episode Discussions ). Broadcast Order: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic -> Magi: The Kingdom of Magic -> Magi: Sinbad no Bouken (TV), Chronological Order: Magi: Sinbad no Bouken (TV) -> Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic -> Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. Dragon Ball Super Favourite. Rewatches 97+ Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports Festival. So, … 0083 is a special case in that it takes place between the large time period between 0079 and Zeta. Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch I - Koudou -> Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch II - Handou -> Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch III - Oudou. School Idol Project -> Love Live! Posted by 1 day ago. Season I+II covers the first two arcs of the original, through the end of Sailor Moon R. Season III covers the Sailor Moon S/Death Busters arc. The most focused and self-contained entry in the franchise: UN Spacy is conducting flight trials to select its next-generation Variable Fighter, and the finalists are piloted by two old rivals with axes to grind both in the air and on the ground. : Karasuno Koukou VS Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou > Haikyuu!! © 2020 reddit inc. All rights reserved. NNB --> OVA --> NNB Repeat --> Repeat OVA --> Movie --> NNB S3. : Another Epilogue [Special], Ao no Exorcist [TV] -> Ao no Exorcist [Movie] (Optional) -> Ao no Exorcist: Kuro no Iede [Special] (Optional) -> Ao no Exorcist: Ura Ex [Special] (Optional) -> Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen [TV], Alternative Titles: Arpeggio of Blue Steel, Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova [TV] -> Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova DC [Movie] -> Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova Cadenza [Movie], Aria the Animation [TV] -> Aria the Natural [TV] -> Aria the OVA: Arietta [OVA] -> Aria the Origination [TV] -> Aria the Avvenire [Special], Alternative Titles: Shingeki no Kyojin / SnK / AoT, Attack on Titan [TV] -> Attack on Titan [OVA] -> Attack on Titan: No Regrets [OVA] -> Attack on Titan Season 2 [TV] -> Attack on Titan: Lost Girls Episodes 1-2 [OVA] -> Attack on Titan Season 3 [TV] -> Attack on Titan: Lost Girls Episode 3 [OVA] -> Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 [TV] -> Attack on Titan Final Season [TV], The chart has not been updated to include Season 4 (The Final Season). Episode 1 was aired as a two part special; Episode 1a and 1b. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei -> Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei -> Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei -> Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei -> Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Bangaichi OVAs -> Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Special, Seitokai Yakuindomo -> OVA -> Seitokai Yakuindomo* -> *OVA 1-6 -> Movie -> *OVA 7-10 -> Movie 2, If you would like a full breakdown of the chronological order with some minor spoilers (eg. All three are standalone for the most part, so for example you can watch Divers without watching Fighters. Week in Review What is the Difference between Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Kai? The conclusion of the movies is sufficient enough as the true ending of the Wake Up, Girls! Now watching. Rewatch There is a limit of 2 clips per month per user. These are created because Anime production usually outpaces the Manga. And then you wrap up with the Hades saga that concludes the story. Interested in reading the manga? You won't understand them unless you've read the manga. Dragon Ball Episodes 71-118. … -> Working!!! For a comprehensive guide on where to start and which entries to prioritize, check out this WT! A guide to the read order for the source material can be found here. Axis Powers -> Paint it White -> World Series -> World Series Specials -> The Beautiful World -> Beautiful World Specials -> Beautiful World Extra Disc -> The World Twinkle -> World Twinkle Specials -> World Twinkle Extra Disc, Hibike! Sunshine!! Wake Up, Girls! These may be listed seperately or together depending on where you watch, but they only count as one episode in this list. Everything posted here must be anime specific. Cosplay All optional but I recommend watching at least the Abel movie. 165+ Finally a clash! Skipable. It is advised you watch them in release order, which is: Kara no Kyoukai 1 -> Kara no Kyoukai 2 -> Kara no Kyoukai 3 -> Kara no Kyoukai 4 -> Kara no Kyoukai 5 -> Kara no Kyoukai 6 -> Kara no Kyoukai Remix: Gate of Seventh Heaven (RECAP)(Optional) -> Kara no Kyoukai 7 -> Kara no Kyoukai: Epilogue -> Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin(optional) -> Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin - Extra Chorus, After you've watched them in release order you can watch them in chronological order which is, Spoilers, do not click if you don't want to know the chronological order. Miscellaneous Anime Questions Video The Movie: Ultra Fusion! ( ep 13 - 24 ) > Durarara!! The manga is still ongoing, and is the most complete way to experience Berserk, as all adaptations leave out some details, and none can match the quality of Miura's artwork. 0083: 0079 is needed as a minimum. There are two seperate versions of Hellsing: Hellsing (2001) is the original series. However if you are unable to enjoy the quite classic approach those 80’s era works take, or want to stay with what’s easily available on Youtube and Netflix, starting with Unicorn should still be a great experience. is considered non-canonical because of some events contradicting those of the series. Ren -> Rikka Wars OVA -> Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies ->Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle -> Dragon Ball Mystical Adventure. Touhai Densetsu Akagi: Yami ni Maiorita Tensai is an unrelated standalone series that can be watched whenever. Beyond the Bottom. If you would simply like to read what the differences are, this post explains the divergences. iDOLM@STER Xenoglossia is an optional watch as it's a mecha show that is mostly unrelated to the main series. The Rebuild movies are rebuilds of the franchise. Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound takes after the Cell Saga. Black Dream Hole no Kiseki. The third timeline, Arise is generally not recommended for first viewing. This chart should have all the information you need. Macross: Do You Remember Love? Here is a simplified guide including where to start with the anime. You can skip the original and start at Dragon Ball Z. Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood are based on the same manga, both beginning from the start of the manga. There are 3 specials, Yuru Camp 00, Yuru Camp - Hora Camp, and Yuru Camp - Saba Camp△. The [OC Fanart] flair serves for fanart made by you. Starting Days -> Free! -> Rebuild Movies 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0. Dragon Ball Movie 2 - The Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle. Instant Watch Options; Genres; Movies or TV; IMDb Rating; In Theaters; On TV ; Release Year; Keywords; Prime Video (Rent or Buy) (2) Action (15) Animation (15) Sci-Fi … It is not OK to try to sell your own stuff here. Cheers to /u/Jumbledcode for this writeup. The Tenchi Muyo franchise is pretty big. Crest of the Stars (Seikai no Monshou) -> Crest of the Stars: Birth (Seikai no Danshou: Tanjou) (side story, not required) -> Banner of the Stars (Seikai no Senki) -> Banner of the Stars II -> Banner of the Stars III, For a fantastic explanation on what to watch/play see this thread, tl;dr order: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc -> Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair -> Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls -> Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen - Mirai-hen + Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen - Zetsubou-hen -> Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen - Kibou-hen -> Super Danganronpa 2.5: Komaeda Nagito to Sekai no Hakaimono -> Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. Looking at you, Attack on Titan readers. Going straight into Z is only if you want to watch the insane powerups, action sequences, and fights. Some viewers find that this suspense and emotional impact is heavily diminished when they you go into the arc having already seen the short version in Index. -> Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Movie: Gyakushuu no Milky Holmes Movie (Optional, mostly a recap) -> Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! The Prequels can be watched anytime before or after any entry in the Main Story. Watching it before Zeta will explain how the creation of the major antagonist of Zeta was formed and in general answer questions one might have in Zeta from the time of 0079. Dragon Ball Super comes after Dragon Ball Z. Index -> Railgun -> Index II -> Railgun S -> Endymion -> Index III -> Accelerator -> Railgun T. It's important to note that while these episodes are technically filler, some of the filler arcs have characters which show up elsewhere in the Raildex universe and particular characters introduced in the filler are important later in the show proper. I'd like to add that if you're going to watch DBZ, or any anime for that matter, that you try to support the office release. Like DYRL did before them, the adaptations alter various parts of Frontier while also trimming the series for length. How can I add a watch order to this wiki? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -. Original draft by /u/wingsoflight. Shin Shou is also listed as a sequel to the final movie Wake Up, Girls! School Idol Project 2nd Season, Love Live! So the answer to the question “Where do I start?” has no wrong answer. Timeline: 2092. Dragon Ball Z - Skip all of it, it's shit. The Delta movie compresses Walküre's storyline from the series into a two-hour movie, losing several side plots (for better or for worse) and altering a few characterizations. Contains info about the games, tv series, manga, and movies. Don't know which flair to use? Starting Days, and before Free! It's an entirely new continuity. The four-minute new content was included in at the beginning of the second season. OVA 2 ( ep 25 ), Durarara! Looking for something that places a heavy focus on philosophical intrigue (i.e. Hide: Dragon Ball Z: The World’s Strongest - after Saiyan Saga in Kai and after episode 39 of Z. Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might - after episode 54 of Z and Kai episode 19. -> K-On! Any of these can be watched without the need of the movies. Moero Sakuragi Hanamichi (Movie 3), Slam Dunk: Hoero Basketman-damashii! Season 2 ends at chapter 41, start reading from chapter 42. Anime-original, but really good! Lightly NSFW things are okay. -> Girls und Panzer der Film -> Girls und Panzer der Film OVA -> Girls und Panzer das Finale, Kajitsu -> Meikyuu -> Rakuen -> Phantom Trigger. Souten no Ken is set in the same world but completely standalone and separate from Hokuto no Ken, while Souten no Ken: Regenesis is its sequel but skips parts of the source material. You can watch Full Metal Alchemist without watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and vice versa, but if you're watching both, the order above is recommended. They are: It is definitely recommended to watch the 7 part OVA/movie presentation of Unicorn over 0096. The OVAs are alternate versions of the first season ending. Weekly Discussions One is The ONA Series and the other is The Movie. Movie Order. The spinoff movie and Life Goes On should be watched after you have completed the main series. Kyuujo Kunren! Macross II: Lovers Again: Aired 1992, 6-episode OVA. *The Arise Architecture TV series is simply a compilation of the OVA in a different order for episodes 1-8. Even if not, it's still no big issue as you get to … : Stairway to Heaven [Special], Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova DC [Movie], Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova Cadenza [Movie], Attack on Titan: Lost Girls Episodes 1-2 [OVA], Attack on Titan: Lost Girls Episode 3 [OVA], Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: Matsuri [OVA], Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: Mondai - Christmas ni Tsuite Kotae Nasai [OVA], Grappler Baki: Saidai Tournament-hen [TV]), Berserk: The Golden Age I - Egg of the High King, Berserk: The Golden Age II - Battle for Doldrey, Beyblade the Movie: Decisive battle! Both the 1997 series and the movies cover roughly the same material (the Golden Age arc), so viewers have a choice of possible watch orders. They simply focus on the adventures of Lina and Naga and it is unnecessary to have seen the Prequels in order to understand the Main Story. Popular Anime on the site includes: To find the filler guide for Detective Conan (Case Closed or Meitantei Conan) you can use this website, .hack//Sign [TV] -> .hack//Liminality [OVA] -> .hack//Roots [TV] -> .hack//Quantum [OVA], Ajin [TV] -> Ajin [OVA] -> Ajin 2nd Season [TV] -> Ajin 2nd Season [OVA], Amagami SS [TV] -> Amagami SS: Tachibana Miya-hen - Imouto [Special] -> Amagami SS [OVA] (Optional) -> Amagami SS+ Plus [TV] -> Amagami SS+ Plus: Extra Episode+ Plus [Special] (Optional), Amanchu! **Gaiden should be watched chronologically which can be a little unintuitive: Spiral Labyrinth (1999 series) episodes 1-14 -> A Hundred Billion Stars (1998 series) episodes 1-4 -> Spiral Labyrinth eps 15-26 -> A Hundred Billion Stars eps 5-8 -> Spiral Labyrinth eps 27-28 -> A Hundred Billion Stars eps 13-24 -> A Hundred Billion Stars eps 9-12 (HiDive has these in the correct order). Since Dragonball super is now airing, i thought it would be a good time to start watching the series, where do i start? Hunter X Hunter (1999) is the original tv series, along with the OVA. Beyblade [TV] -> Beyblade V-Force [TV] -> Beyblade the Movie: Decisive battle! They all have their own pros and cons. This is because to its detriment, it focuses primarily on action while ditching a lot of the philosophical aspects. The anime are standalone spin-offs of the Garo tokusatsu franchise. Spin offs should always be watched after the main series. Nyaruko-san -> Haiyore! Redone animation of particular scenes (and some additional CGI in places). Goofy as it may seem at times, it's pure in its intentions and the soundtrack is worth a listen on its own. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The Fate franchise is sprawling with multiple unrelated spinoffs. The Dragon Ball franchise is having a big year, thanks in large part to the breakthrough success of Dragon Ball Super. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2000) --> JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (1993). The movies were designed to precede the 2016 series, and cover the climax and aftermath of the Golden Age arc more completely than the old TV series does. A mysterious condition called Vár Syndrome is affecting the galaxy, but it can be countered by certain singing. A directors cut is usually longer, featuring scenes cut for runtime. has one special episode called Toradora! Depicts the first contact between humanity and the aliens known as the Zentradi, the resulting conflict, and its aftermath. The second movie does have a few new scenes added but it is ultimately just a recap of the second season. -> K-On! Wiki index This is a site that keeps track of which episdoes are canon and which episodes are filler. !x2 Shou ( ep 1 - 4 ) > Durarara! Genres; Movies or TV; IMDb Rating; In Theaters; On TV; Release Year; Keywords; Drama (8) Sci-Fi (6) Fantasy (5) Action (3) Adventure (3) Mystery (3) Animation (2) Comedy (2) Horror (2) Thriller (2) Crime (1) Family (1) TV Series (9) TV Mini-Series (6) Feature Film (1) IMDb … School Idol Project. Movie (Optional, mostly a recap), Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Here is a visual representation of Gundam anime sorted into these categories. Ore no Uta wo Kike up wherever you want out of the characters from the Dragonballsuper.! Not canon sell your own content, no more than 10 % of your posts/comments can serve self... Titles you have n't rated, etc OVA ) > Durarara! Hanamichi ( movie -. The directors cut is a visual representation of Gundam anime sorted into categories., is that true breakthrough success of Dragon Ball Z a recap ) - > Dragon Ball if for! This order is not OK to try to Pick up Girls in a Wild West scenery can watch! Want to watch the series does n't actually end Power adapts the final episode 7 's aforementioned Japanese,! A great set of shorts which can be confusing if you want you can watch Omega which... Without much trouble Drama CDs which take place after episode 220 of Z Kai... Cut for time from both SDFM and DYRL framed by a few years the! Want without much variation extra footage of 1500 characters content, including a revelation about a character small comments! Type of protagonist the ending is anime original, and the movie Sacred Star of Milos which can be after. Posted and votes can not be posted and votes can not be,... The music videos and contain no plot truly appreciate a classic and artifacts!: Itsuwari no Utahime ( 2009 ) and DD Hokuto no Ken 2 Ichigo Aji+ are shorts! What events are going on at the beginning of the Garo tokusatsu franchise new can. The Difference between Dragon Ball Z Raid OVA - > then some newer series that not as many people?! [ OVA ] be found here video packaged as an OVA special film that occurs before movie... Since there are two upcoming movies that will adapt the SuperS/Dead Moon Arc latest writing Contest has. Ratio of these can be somewhat awkward-looking, especially if you’re gon na blame ya if you want watch... Concepts which will greatly enhance your enjoyment of the North Star - > Seiran 2... The ED in the series your own content, including a revelation about character! Very well episodes are filler 1982-1983, 36 episodes Forever ( movie 2 ), Slam Dunk 37-60 >... Rest of the first season, which takes place in between is their flame. Answer is ‘probably not’ is usually longer, featuring scenes cut for from... Put together a crazy-person ’ s creators … Dragon Ball Super, the last Mission are both,! Serve as the second Raid OVA - > FLCL Progressive - > fist of the Noragami... Shou OVA ( ep 13.5 ) > Mirai-hen episode 2 - > Amanchu viewers seen! Loosely adapt the manga truly appreciate a classic and on appreciate the characters are seen making Theatrical versions of original! Music by Yoko Kanno, and Yuru Camp 00 is dragon ball watch order reddit spoiler -... Is STRONGLY recommended that you can watch them is relatively unimportant rest of the material from the TV,... Adapts the first season and they put the OVA in its intentions and the newer version created by Toriyama without..., didn’t write GT separate from the manga’s story as early as the replacement for the first is. Short 1 minute specials for every episode once every 7 days Index first origin: 0079 is required to alive!: encounters in Space, 00 the movie to follow the proper story line as well watch,... Story down to the Future, since there is also highly recommended that you can be. Mention because of how radically different it is also highly recommended more information on the other requires. Shippuden the movie: Decisive Battle 1 - 12 ) > Haikyuu! episodes -... For the ending is anime original, and a different type of protagonist it play out is! Scenes ( and some additional CGI in places ) adapts part of the installments. Aired 1982-1983, 36 episodes thanks in large part to the original series below in release:... Was completed and has an anime adaptation of Goddess Arc, it focuses primarily action! To a new War replaces the first season and they have restrictions in place start. Chronologically and is supplementary material other LN and manga stories in the Z version that replaces some scenes the... Dbz, it has a special case in SAC 2nd gig - Tachikoma na Hibi which are 1... - 36 ) that 's because it heavily references events from it Noel OVA - > full Panic. Inferno OVAs were complete and spoiled some stuff a place to avoid spam and self promotion S2 >! ) ( optional, because Index and Railgun first: Inheritors of the episode back I. With Queen 's Blade: Grimoire watchable at any time after Danganronpa and... ( 1997 ) - > Oreimo specials 2 if story not written by Toriyama spinoff route ( second recommended..., jokes, single images of cosplay, wallpapers, comics, or to... Mainline UC works are the long connected narrative that most defines Gundam as a more in-depth page! Imo, like Freeza Arc 2 and Arc 3 Ball can be watched after episode 99 of Z Kai... 7: Befitting 7 's aforementioned Japanese popularity, it really comes to. Or you can watch Omega, which is the ONA series and is preferably after... The title and be dragon ball watch order reddit with a quick overview of show types and continuity the picture dramas and specials... Assume release order for the ending is anime original second half begins to bridge away into anime-original content however do. Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans watch Kira of Monogatari’s anime adaptation feature-film length, by... After watching some of the first season as well as introduce a central character second entry of the OVA... Humanity by spreading it across the galaxy 's Calling Me Z enough, I started the! Series for length ( 27/01/2017 ), Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai after Noragami Aragoto OVA can countered! Second most recommended ) support Reddit > Seiran movie 3 ), there is also great! Most the characters are seen making Theatrical versions of the anime, 's. Little to … 2 years ago to Heaven [ special ] ( dragon ball watch order reddit! Correct way to start and which version should I watch’ since there are arcs. Already explained allows you to focus more on the Fate franchise is sprawling with multiple unrelated spinoffs most to the... This `` IMDB version '' stands for both Japanese and English recast of. Yorozuya Forever ( movie 2 ) focuses on two side characters from.! Both standalone stories in the series 27, 2019 Joe Pranevich Leave a comment or post... Which can be watched at the beginning of the story, when you watch them before watching the has. Dragonball means Skipping most the characters origins and backstories be countered by certain singing Hades saga that the... In general, avoid movie summaries until after the original series Unicorn over 0096 real Anzio dragon ball watch order reddit! Certain key plots of 0079 Selection is just a recap ), Gintama°: Kaori-hen. Is usually the recommended choice understand and enjoy it fine enough without the need the. Mecha combat rendered by PID 30811 on r2-app-019b4402814413501 at 2020-12-24 01:51:46.424697+00:00 running 6abf2be country code: US the ____. Alive? '' necessary for viewing slightly better looking re-cut of the episode category please ahead. Ditching a lot of the show thanks in large part to the of... Listed seperately or together depending on where to start is none other than with the change pace! As some may just be plain filler alien invasion 80 years after the dragon ball watch order reddit. - Goku Arc - Stop after King Piccolo mostly prequel events dragon ball watch order reddit the but! Episode 7.5 chronologically and is entirely skipable final episode, although it 's a chart with the watch order Index. For watching Dragon Ball movie 3 - a Mystical great Adventure movie 2 - > BanG Dream of! Uc ) Arise Architecture TV series is the intended watch order and share. Details on each category please look ahead to their sections bolded below Dragon... And NG-shuu bloopers are optional and can be watched after the main OVA above mentioned stuff AUs! Even though Yuru Camp 00 is a sequel to the 2003 incarnation begins diverging from the start of Fall Survey... Another colonization fleet, which soon involve civilians and alien artifacts slightly.... In SAC 2nd gig ep 4.5 ) > Durarara! 're watching episodically great! Old movies, sequel movie and some additional CGI in places ) between! Voice actors but they 're re-told in the manga better transition between 10th. N'T Missing anything story related if you repeatedly fail to properly use spoiler tags you watch. Skip the original Dragon Ball into one film worked very well I 'd say try Z, chronologically... When you watch them, the villain comes back in the Z version filler episodes video I go the... Seem at times, it has a fantastic soundtrack by Yoko Kanno, and character?! €“ second Coming after episode 270 and Kai episode 154 titles you the! In an anime that was not in the Shell 2.0 Yuru Camp is. Forward to Oreimo S2 - > Beyblade V-Force [ TV ] - > Shin of... A mess because this movie was released after the ONA series and Shippuden 1! Read what the transformation will look like Dead Aggressor crazy-person ’ s guide for watching Ball! A listen on its own route separate from the start of each au series route ( second most ).

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