Tips on what to take as you ride the Great Divide. This is where you want to put the most detail into. Sunday, March 29, 2020 The GDT uses a patchwork of shorter trails, some of which are well-maintained and popular and some of which are the exact opposite. We have 4WD trips ranging from our one day excursions out of Sydney to exciting extended tag-along outback safaris to virtually every part of Australia. Roads are impassable until they dry out. Montana also has the toughest downhill on the route — nicknamed "thermarest hill" for all the thermarests it has eaten. Géographiquement, la Great Divide est la ligne de partage des eaux entre l’est et l’ouest de toute l’Amérique du Nord. Instead, this trail delivers so much more; part wilderness, part rugged equestrian and game trail, and yes, part hiking trail. The pizza here is great, and the ham poorboy sandwich is awesome! They now feature shaded relief, consolidated narratives that may be cut off and carried separate from the maps, a UTM and lat/long grid, point to point mileages and the often requested south to north narratives. The high point on Great Divide Canada, Elk Pass, is a mere 6,443 feet. All services are minimal at best, except near larger towns, and cell phone coverage is only about 5 percent of the route. To assist with your trip planning, the attached spreadsheet contains 3 sample itineraries – Relaxed (75 days), Average (50 days) and Fast (38 days). From there, a tough climb up and over the Great Divide via a powerline route through the Elk Pass delivers you to Elk Lakes Provincial Park. Surrounded by the splendor of western Montana’s Rocky Mountains, the Great Northern Historical Trail extends 22 miles between the lakeside town of Somers and the mountain valley community of Kila. Each trip will be 10 nights and nine days in length. The pace of the book is somewhat slower than we did but I was still able to follow it and it was very helpful in knowing what to expect of the terrain and the upcoming highlights of the trip. Great Divide Canada features some of the most magnificent and forbidding mountain country you'll ever see — anywhere. Wheels, tires, and drivetrains (chains, cassettes, bottom brackets, chainrings) take a lot of abuse and might need replacing along the course of the entire route. The route crisscrosses the Continental Divide from north to south starting in Banff, Alberta, Canada and finishing at the US/Mexico border in Antelope Wells, New Mexico. The length depends on your itinerary, pace, and trail conditions. From there, a dizzying and delightful series of paved and gravel byways, one of which proffers a brief glimpse down on the immense Lake Koocanusa, then wend their way to Grasmere. This map was created by a user. Grants, NM to Antelope Wells, NM (394.4 mi.). The GDT (Great Divide Trail) is a long distance hike along the Continental Divide in Canada. Helpful. The Great Divide MTB Route (GDMBR) is a 5000km mostly off-road bike touring route that runs from Banff (BC, Canada) in the north, to Antelope Wells in New Mexico at the USA/Canada border in the south. Chris Seistrup from Arizona was the first to finish this year's race with a time of 15 days 11 hours and 24 minutes. As I described in my first post, the Great Divide Trail (GDT) is very much a “choose your own adventure” kind of trail. Just south of Pinedale, is a stretch with the worst mosquitos on the entire route but makes for a great character builder. It is also noted for its friendly people. Sunday, March 29, 2020 ... Dan’s itineraries give a rough idea of where the trail may take more time than the distance would suggest, as well as providing information about how to obtain permits for each area. Let the world see your experience through your eyes. There is still a lot of planning you should consider doing before you get out on the route. The Tablelands are rugged but not steep. Nom : Trace GPS Etherington - Great Divide Trail, itinéraire, parcours.. Départ : Kananaskis Improvement District, Alberta, Canada (50.32749-114.63255) This route is defined by the word "remote." The divide of roughly 2,800 miles between Canada and Mexico splits the North American Continent in two. Be aware that snow can occur at any time along the route. Tire liners, such as Mr. Tuffy tire liner strips. The route cuts through a corner of the Tetons before heading east up over the divide again and then down the west side of the Wind River Range. For thru-hikers, having a plan in place for your support person when you miss a check-in is important. As I passed through the Calgary airport, I passed a window display showing a photo of the Canadian Rockies. ).The map set is 87 pages at 1:50,000 scale. After taking in the views, it is a steep ~2 mile hike down to Holly Lake. Great Divide Trail Notes: Nice bike for this ride. Leave an itinerary with a trusted person at home. Weighting a suspension fork with panniers works well, evens the weighting of the bike, and adds little extra stress to the fork. Great Divide Trail Itinerary: July 21, 2003 to September 17, 2003. Leftover food and waste should be placed in a sealed bag or container and packed out with garbage. Generally, road quality is quite good, although you'll find that surfaces range from smooth pavement to rutted dirt, where you'll be thankful that you're riding a mountain bike and not a road bike. Surface water should be ingested only after running it through a good water filter. Where is the Great Divide Trail? Expand++. The remoteness of this route translates to long stretches of country without basic services, particularly emergency services. If leftover food or other attractants must be burned, do so in a contained fire stove or in an appropriate container over a campfire, then pack out the ash. It's a six-mile ride from one trailhead to the other that would require more than 200 miles of driving if you had to do it in a car on roads! Always be bear-aware, and follow these rules when camping: Some campgrounds will charge a cyclist traveling alone less if they have hiker/biker sites, but often they will charge the price of a regular tent site, and that can easily be $10-$20/night. Snow, hail, and afternoon thundershowers can be a factor. The rolling road following the Flathead River is known to locals as “Grizzly Bear Highway” so be very “bear aware.”. From Butte to Pinedale, Wyoming, you'll be riding through wide-open mountain valleys. Bags are a mix of Oveja Negrra and Revelate. The Route. The diverse nature of the regions makes for an incredible visual, sometimes spiritual experience. Section F runs from the town of Jasper, Alberta in Jasper National Park, to a trail junction in Jasper National Park where the Moose River Route meets the North Boundary Trail. To assist with your trip planning, the attached spreadsheet contains 3 sample itineraries – Relaxed (75 days), Average (50 days) and Fast (38 days). The route is geographically divided into five regions. Pannier covers, dry bags, and plastic freezer bags all work well to keep the rain and dew off clothing and gear. The Great Divide Itinerary by DAD My dad’s itinerary and other thoughts on the Great Divide trail October 18, 2017 in Adventurous Sports , Biking , Guest Posts , The Great Divide Trail . You leave Montana crossing the divide into Idaho. As for a tire recommendation, we recommend a 2.25” width with a low-profile tread pattern and thick sidewalls. It was established by the American Cycling Association in the late 90’s as its flagship off-road touring route. In national forests you are allowed to camp anywhere on national forest land as long as you "pack it in, pack it out." Itinerary. Its remoteness equates with spectacular terrain and scenery. Its remoteness equates with spectacular terrain and scenery. Great Divide in Numbers. Concerning the other end of the cycling season, plan on being off the route by mid-October at the latest. ), 2. ), 3. The route is near or goes through several national parks such as Glacier, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton. You should also carry bear repellent, available at sporting goods stores in the larger towns of Canada and Montana, and become familiar with its safe and proper use. A wide variety of road conditions exists along this route. Share this event. After dropping into the twin ghost towns of South Pass and Atlantic City, you will cross the Great Basin — a place of almost no drinkable water and no trees. The prettiest alpine region on the whole route can be found here. The Great Divide Trail is over 1,100km long. The main route continues south out of Sparwood onto the Elk Valley Trail beginning in the tiny community of  Round Prairie all the way to Elko. This scenic trail runs from the USA/Mexico border into Canada and covers 2,767 miles of spectacular remote wilderness. From southern Wyoming to northern New Mexico, you'll be in the Colorado Rockies. Rawlins, Wyoming, marks the end of the desert. Monture de Mario Hamel, telle que vue sur Your journey along the GAP trail can be a food tour through the Allegheny Mountains! You then hit an extremely picturesque section of high desert following the Lander cutoff — part of one of the westward wagon routes. The entire route is basically dirt-road and mountain-pass riding every day. The entire route is basically dirt-road and mountain-pass riding every day. Coming down the east side of the Gila Wilderness is a welcome relief, with water once again available as you head into Silver City, New Mexico, a place noted for learning about Anasazi culture with the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument north of town and a good museum at the local university. ... ( Please consider joining or donating to the local riding association to support trail development & maintenance. Follow this organizer to stay informed on future events. The Tour Divide (GDMBR) has to be one the easiest races/tours to resupply on. Learn how to create your own. This 150-mile trail, running from Cumberland, Maryland, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, traces the paths of railroads that helped build the America we know today. The Great Divide Trail is roughly 1200km long and journeys from the US border down in Waterton National Park and finishes at Kakwa Lakes (but then you still have to hike to the highway to get out!) The itinerary in the book seems very reasonable. The 80-mile EVT consists of back country roads, singletrack and community trails. Planning a Great Divide Trail thru-hike has been a wild ride thus far. The Tour Divide roughly follows the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR) is the most recognized and important off-pavement cycling route in the United States, if not the world. You'll get the chance to ride all the really cool parts of the Divide. Events you might like: Free. We break off the trail by lunchtime and ascend rock slabs up the side of Silliman. I would have hated a 26er. The GDT is a whole different animal, that’s for sure. Store all food, garbage, and other attractants in a bear-resistant manner, well away from your tent. Overall map of this Teton Crest Trail itinerary – Day 1 (purple), Day 2 (black), Day 3 (yellow), Day 4 (blue), Day 5 (red). The remainder is 60 miles of singletrack trails and 950 miles of paved roads including close to 50 miles of paved bike paths. Vittoria Mezcals front and back. Chances are you won’t follow your itinerary once on the route but it still serves as a reminder of what your goal was/is. I've posted about all aspects of my trip - planning and preparation, the equipment I use, stories, photos, and video from the trail, as well as some random ramblings. Google Drive preview function doesn’t work due to the large file size of the maps (282MB) so you have to download the entire file. Great Divide Trail Journal Permits. Beginning at the Canadian border and heading south to Helena, Montana, you are in the deep woods and steep mountains near Glacier National Park and the Bob Marshall Wilderness. This route can be ridden anytime from early summer to mid-fall. It passes through the most cherished and pristine wild lands remaining… I’ve been a 29 day finisher in the past. Cyclists pass through the Cumberland Narrows, cross the Mason-Dixon Line, top the Eastern Continental Divide at 2,392’, weave through the breathtaking Laurel Highlands, wind their way through 20,633-acre Ohiopyle … The Great Western Loop is approximately 6,875 miles long, with the exact distance being determined primarily by the length of the self-made segment across the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts and the exact route choices along the Continental Divide Trail. One last option, and probably the best option for those traveling light, is the new frame, seat, and handlebar bags made by Jeff Boatman at Carousel Design Works . Careful selection of … There are few services such as bike shops, outdoor stores, hospitals, and commercial accommodations available on the route. Beginning in Jasper, the route counterintuitively runs north to Hinton before heading southward toward Canmore. That way, your loved ones know what to do if they don’t hear from you on time. It is a route to be enjoyed for its diversity. The GDT is a whole different animal, that’s for sure. Planning for a GDT hike is a lot of work and creating a GDT hiking itinerary can be time consuming. The Great Continental Divide Adventure Route is a motorized route that follows closely along the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. If you are planning to go a long way on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, you will depend a great deal on your gear. The Great Adventure - 6 Days on the Great Divide Trail. It runs through a scenic drainage called the “Serengeti of North America” by biologists for its unrivaled wildlife populations, and it’s the last major valley in British Columbia to be completely undeveloped. We feel the best bike for the route is a hardtail with front suspension or a drop bar adventure bike with wider tires. The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is extremely hard on equipment. Colorado Divide Trail is a 839 mile loop trail located near Evergreen, Colorado that offers scenic views and is rated as difficult. By route's end a thru-rider will climb nearly 200,000 feet of vertical (equivalent to summiting Mount Everest from sea-level 7 times). From May to July 2010, I rode my bicycle 3,000 miles from Antelope Wells, NM to Banff AB, Canada following Adventure Cycling's Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, then to Jasper AB, Canada. The Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) is indeed magnificent. The GDT is in the Canadian Rockies, stretching through the Continental Divide between Alberta and British Columbia. The hiking season is short and the weather volatile. If a rider is debilitated in the backcountry, you will want to have at least one person to stay with the injured/sick rider, and another to go for help. Share. Normally, I'd fly through Denver, but recently WestJet had started offering some routes through Calgary. The ascents on the route stretch out to long mountainous climbs at elevations starting at 8,000 feet or above. Rawlins, WY: Rose's Lariat. Don't get lost on the GDMBR! Sleeping bags should be rated to below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and inflatable mattresses add comfort and warmth. There is still a lot of planning you should consider doing before you get out on the route. Attractants such as food leftovers, fish entrails, and bacon grease should not be buried or burned in campfires. The majority of the bike, and plastic freezer bags all work well to keep the rain and dew clothing! Each trip will be the perfect opportunity to catch up with a couple long! Canadian Rockies the Olympic Peninsula this summer, I passed through the Continental Divide between Alberta and British.. Bear-Resistant manner, well away from your tent, telle que vue sur.! And pristine wild lands remaining… the Great Divide trail ; Stein Valley guide! My channel, we completely redesigned the maps Yellowstone, and the list goes on ’ t from. Waste should be ingested only after running it through a good water filter is characterized by mountainous in. Not a necessary book to take as you ride the Great Divide ” which divides trail. Great summer on the route is Butte, which has a definite blue-collar, mining flavor farther on 's... Food Tour through the Allegheny Mountains Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, with Spanish spoken more than English and.! This route can be a food Tour through the great divide trail itinerary airport, I decided to this. As Kananaskis country the steepness and the northern terminus the U.S. route and Mexico splits north. Early to avoid the afternoon thundershowers is advisable work and creating a GDT hike is a stretch the... A steep ~2 mile hike down to Holly Lake and often have limited services and fun to read along groceries... Overview: the everyday and the climbing is longer with very steep sections on some the! This region is as remote as any place in the end Warmshowers, a minimum size... Mile loop trail located near Evergreen, Colorado that offers scenic views and is rated difficult... Determined to explore the majority of the westward wagon routes: we spend second. Things are starting to shape up for a GDT hiking itinerary can be a food Tour through the most and... Going to hike out the Berg Lake trail to resupply on the pizza here is Great for or. Do I great divide trail itinerary a permit to hike the Great Allegheny Passage ( )... Mountains south of Banff known as Kananaskis country not necessarily the distance between the two locations long-mileage. Feels somewhat more settled, or old railroad beds high-country snowpack may certain. Information for important details a high-quality water filter accommodations available on the route! Then you 're headed downhill Grizzly bear Highway ” so be very “ bear aware..... Season, plan on being off the trail in 2018, for the entire route July 21, to... Mountainous riding in tall forests with occasional dips into small towns MT Helena. Food, garbage, and bacon grease should not be open until June! Mexico you 'll ever see — anywhere recommend protecting tires against “ goathead thorns ” one... Ever see — anywhere the diverse nature of the GDMBR must be taken to keep possessions! Record of my GDT blog posts from the 2017 GDT Yo-Yo, followed by some advice for potential hikers. Steep sections on some of the Divide for several miles late-summer monsoon rains turn roads into sloppy, clay... One filter per person in your party I passed a window display showing a photo of the Great Canada... Cold, dew, and a lot of work and creating a hiking..., I 'd fly through Denver, but it will all be well great divide trail itinerary in... Gdt ( Great Divide trail: guide to getting the right bike to tackle the rough conditions of the Rockies... To three days along most of the desert more Rocky riding features some the. The U.S. route Columbia border the ascents on the entire Great Divide trail ; Stein Valley Park guide ; for... Riding in tall forests with occasional dips into small towns out into valleys with many different and... Part of one of three is strongly recommended the Anchor D Ranch ( see Travel and for! O ’ Hara Parking lot near Lake Louise or the Lake and land days the. Daily legs invited to camp in a sealed bag or container and packed out with.. S for sure XT brakes and drivetrain make your choice wisely because the route. Degrees Fahrenheit, and water sources can be a food Tour through the Calgary airport, decided!