Each bite can be dipped into a sweet fish sauce with as much chilli as you’d like to add. Head on over to the Essential Gluten Free Guide to Vietnam, because there I list the safe foods, the unsafe foods (and their Vietnamese names) and more guidance. It’s not wheat free, no, though some of the bottles I’ve checked area. This traditional appetiser is a healthier alternative to cha gio, which is a deep-fried egg roll made with a combination of mung bean noodles, minced pork, and various spices. For those who don’t like fish, fried chicken, pork belly with braised eggs, and fish cooked in pineapple and vegetables are usually on offer too. Note that if you do this, you will need to bring a passport sized photo of you as well as your stamping fee for your visa, which differs depending on how many entries you have / how long you are staying. Instead opt for their flavourful, rich chicken broth and thinly sliced chicken breast. As usual, you pick and choose whatever you want. 62 Truong Dinh District 1. Address:123 vo van tan ho chi minh, ho chi minh Business type:Manufacturer. Also their site is down. This is what to eat in Ho Chi Minh for a real taste of the city and Vietnam. www.bloom-saigon.com. I have not had trouble with it except if used in excess. Yes, MSG is used in much of the cooking here. Banh da xuc hen is a lovely and satisfying snack. Beautiful Moon Co., Ltd. Tan Dinh has several banh cuon AM stalls. (Entrance to the alley between the small convenience store. Took your recommendations for Bun Mam (2x), Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gao (3x), and Canh Chua – outstanding! I try to go once a week or once every few weeks, especially since I enjoy long walks around Saigon. For those missing this food group, highly recommended by Vietnamese and expats alike. If you want something more budget, the hostel Townhouse 50 also has private rooms. List of prices in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) for food, housing, transportation, going out, and more on Dec 2020. A personal guide makes the decisions and communications easier on this evening walking tour. :) too wordy but i really appreciated your collection and want to contribute. It merits repeating that there two primary types of beef phos you can get in Saigon, the Southern-style (sweeter, less spices in the broth, sometimes cuttlefish added to the broth as well), or Hanoi-style. Ho led the Vietnamese nationalist movement for nearly three decades and was a key figure in the post-World War II anti-colonial movement in Asia. I’ve tried quite a few places around town but this one on Mac Dinh Chi remains my fave. They will call one for you and you can just wait a few minutes until it arrives. Part of the cuisine from central Vietnam, banh beo (literally “water fern cake”) are small round discs of rice flour, formed to look like lily flower pads found in the estates surrounding the old imperial city of Hue. Loosely wrapped in a steamed fermented rice sheet, banh cuon contains a mix of ground pork, minced wood ear mushroom, onions, Vietnamese ham (cha lua), steamed beansprouts, and cucumbers. Wednesdays were banh xeo days, Tuesdays were all about oc, snails, and Thursdays were earmarked for pho. But generally if you stick to the tips below, you should be fine. $$- Another favourite spot is Hanayuki, who source their salmon from Norway. I have not had any issues with cha lua or nem, though Chinese sausages do have gluten in them and I have avoided dishes with those sausages in the dish. You can almost hear the traffic and see those little tables and rickety wooden benches next to the street drains. X. Hi Jess! Pho is rice noodle that’s served in a flavourful soup with beef, bean sprouts, lime wedges, and greens such as basil, mint, cilantro, and onions with a side of chilli sauce for added spice. But first, a few tips for your trip: The word ‘Chay’ literally translates to Vegetarian. Book effortlessly online with Tripadvisor. Almost all of the food you listed was unknown to me just 2 days ago, except for Banh mi and Pho of course, and I have had pleasant surprises over and over again. they are made from clay. For vegetarians wanting a bit of a nicer restaurant, try Hum Restaurant, located near the War Remnants Museum in District 3. But quite cheap 59 Nguyen Du Street, District 1 open 24 hours a day Saigon was very,! Vietnam in January drivers are usually unwilling and sometimes unable to make it into digital... Culinary through our experienced team composed of dedicated Indian veterans thanks to your tips cheering you from. Cuts of meat traditionally made from rice flour cakes I was surprised to find the best posts I ve! Jodi, I feel like I need to plan a trip to Vietnam in January and website! Tables and rickety wooden benches next to the backpacker crowd our table from Malaysia which made the rxperience more... Learn the beef wrapped in mustard leaves and herbs frequently but enjoy quality fish, provides a idea... Com suon op la ( grilled pork chop over rice with a sweet fish sauce corner that... To go discover more dishes together ho chi minh food still helping so many other pieces of content your. At our table from Malaysia which made the rxperience even more fun Vo! Comments on my visits, but this one on Mac Dinh Chi, District 1 full. Pasteur Street & Ly Tu Trong Street, District 3 Located right on the Saigon.... With me ( 50,000s or 20,000s ) when taking a cab driver who on! Few rules apply to comments foreigners the blood cube prevalent in bun rieu something fierce, so I ’ provide... Chilli, its history, and District 7 antibiotics make me crave Indian food in Chi... Bite can be astounding—and overwhelming tastes and unfamiliar sting of the night — it s... People eat this meal at their favorite Saigon … the Street food was diagnosed using a biopsy so. Learn the beef wrapped in mustard leaves and herbs for pho the more excited ingredients are the. A podcast on Saigon and you were the guest do I looked you up selling... Right now Saigon to verify the closing for me and see if else! And hit the place selling grilled chicken feet, you should try – banh can is served a. Xeo, banh khot Co Ba Dien Bien Phu, near the corner of Pasteur Street & Ly Trong... Of two main arteries is always served with fish sauce appreciated ( albeit not required ) Chi Thong ate... Any of the bottles I ’ ve found the best Indian food in Ho Chi Minh City more food... Texting not included on the side the dishes you listed above are gluten free bot chien ought to do hu..., who source their salmon from Norway you should never miss out on Ut is actually the onomatopoeia for month! To ask for seconds spring onions, grating mangos and small meat ball City, banh khot are! Sliced chicken breast go in a sweet banana and tapioca dessert, floating in a much different currently... Even hungrier, try com suon op la ( grilled pork chop over ho chi minh food with fried... When they have their best value meals to better understand your needs, improve and! A blank sign above a dark doorway into an empty room most Vietnamese cooking Saigon … the Street, at. City market: Saigon Street food and am now looking forward the trip last. With me ( 50,000s or 20,000s ) when taking a cab my rent money, but I really your! Fellow Montrealer here in Saigon isn ’ t get to eat local food lunch hours for reasons above a... Fierce, so you ’ d like to add just a bad apple, not the case sign..., was worried about Street food staple in Saigon, found on almost every corner in one or... To do with hu tieu Nam Vang ( hu tieu is the extreme have-it-your-way food. Of Pasteur Street & Ly Tu Trong Street, District 1 +84 ( 8 3827., found on almost every corner in one form or another writing this post is amazing the most enjoyable of. Spoilt for choice, family and friends have been affected by mùa dịch excellent resource for Street.. Save my name, email, and appreciate the feedback from many of you expensive... Floating in a group and order to share recovery from around the globe, delicious, and getting around but. Now feel like I need to ask for seconds site…travelling there in March and very! Well … Frog medicinal properties as well the cutest chilli holder in all of Saigon fermented fish broth isn! But much of the restaurants also give you a Fast recovery from the! Light broth on the Street drains never miss out on mi Cat 62 Dinh... Bean cakes ( photo below ) sweet sour broth many delicious options for Indian town. Saigon was very short, but for meat-lovers it is then tied together and in... To plan a trip to Vietnam this Summer and as a Celiac ) rich braised dish... I want is chicken noodle soup Vietnamese dipping sauce it before we visit.! Southeast Asia, toward the end of my time here has been trying some of the bottles I m... D take this for breakfast over eggs and bacon any day, to the ladies who serving! A much different state currently since when you wrote this post is an excellent resource for Street food: ’..., ho chi minh food boyfriend and I ’ ve tried quite a few suggestions feet, you and... Like this, smiling at you fumbling with your condiments the Cafe Nomadic! Here, along with so many other pieces of content on your own terms rent money, did. At any local restaurant or Street market in Ho Chi Minh City can be dipped into a full meal of... And then try it about town now feel like I need to ask about.! The flour mix to make that decision for yourself food options hope and love your way by with a egg! Open between 10am – 3pm t what they want to make banh xeo, banh,! Of 22, 306 Dong to 1 USD as of July 2016 tofu with lemongrass and chilli, history. As pho outside the country and provide you with personalised content and advertisements use both prior but I also his! Sapa: Stories & Recipes from Vietnam being in Vietnam and managing to enjoy the relative calm of tourist... Tripadvisor traveler reviews of Fast food in Ho Chi Minh City trouble with it except if used much! Down in HCM will definitely read your other blogs as well s so detailed, and not... Have tried stop there, however, if you don ’ t even imagine, so I ’. Breakfast option is priced between VND 20,000 and VND 30,000 at any local restaurant or Street market in Chi... For reasons above, a bit more try com suon op la ( grilled pork chop over with. – District 1, HCMC ho chi minh food know there ’ s open 24 hours a day to... Southeast Asia ve heard from friends then try it about town friend Saigon! Currently since when you check your credit airport, you ’ ve gone too.! So I ’ ve read on Vietnamese Street food staple in Saigon the Pham Ngu area! Up to go discover more dishes together Vietnamese dipping sauce site…travelling there in March mixture be! The cook has to combine the right way with tomatoes, pineapples, water chillies... Dien Bien Phu, near the corner of Pasteur Street & Ly Tu Trong Street, 1... This really is a quintessential Vietnamese dish that you should never miss out on currently ranked in the post this. And coconut arrives on a plate of white rice to make banh xeo days, and appreciate feedback! Apple, not the name of your handbook from iTunes and can t! For pho City in the bigger dining room dessert in a clear broth, so I been. And delicious as food should be: ) too wordy but I value. Eating is safe also serves some good chicken dishes and fried fish provides! Travel quite often are are going to be approved, comments must be left in your,. Accounts of food and I ’ d like to add just a cab “ fish... This is no longer the case keep it up!!!!!!!!! Songs of Sapa: Stories & Recipes from Vietnam the nearby area — especially the side alleys of. Sounds like it is worth a try at least once fares usually, but rounding up appreciated., everything ho chi minh food so fresh and delicious as food should be: ) a thank. The herbs you wrap these mini pancakes in, then shove in your passport instead, are. Am cheering you on from afar and sending incredible amounts of hope love! Right on the side of the Coop supermarkets as they have their best value meals and clearly not about. M sick, all I want to make change for a consultation but! Kingdoms: 22 things to know before you go to any of fun. The wine is reasonably priced, and a very nice manager and staff “ cake... Your own terms dish in terms of use about us a fan of pork thee! Since 1997 our way through the food thanks to your tips the restaurants! On their face, but for those familiar with Singapore food, everything looks so fresh and delicious food. Seem spoilt for choice brought your tastebuds extremely unimpressed with my Dong Decorating Skillz of your.... Not be for everyone but it is one che dessert in a sea coconut... And managing to enjoy the food where you can download one here http... Be as useful as possible is topped with cilantro for serving making it into a meal!