Evictions. All defendants must have a history of or evidence of present drug abuse or addiction, their abuse or addiction is at least one motivating factor in the commission of their crime, be at least 18 years old, and must not be on parole. For felony cases, a Notice of Appeal must be filed within 60 days of judgment or order. Your record will be changed to show a dismissal rather than a conviction. You may file a petition to dismiss if you have fulfilled all terms of probation, or have been discharged from the original term of probation, or have not been placed on probation and your entire sentence terms have been completed, including payment of all fines and fees on the case. Judges. Admission to the Program is totally discretionary with the court. The office doors will remain closed to walk-in services and customers are encouraged to continue to utilize the services we offer online and by mail. This order has the same force and effect as a civil judgment. Further, you may be punished by jail and/or a fine, regardless of the disposition of the original charge. During the trial, witnesses may testify and evidence will be presented. Main Courthouse, 1500 Court Street, Room 219, Redding CA 96001 -  Welcome! The shasta county court schedule is the perfect reminder. Death Records A-K. Browse Shasta County, California death records by last name. Shasta County Executive Officer Melissa Fowler-Bradley said Tuesday new jurors will not be brought in, but existing trials are going to go on as planned. The Registrar of Voters / Elections Department is the primary election service provider and sole voter registration custodian for approximately 100,000 voters in Shasta County. (530) 999-2003 Fax. The Redding Courthouse is located at: 1500 Court St. Redding, CA 96001-1686. You may also use the above search form to search through an online criminal records database for an alternate source of information. Please do not mail cash. If you were convicted of an infraction, a misdemeanor, or a felony and were NOT sentenced to state prison or put under the authority of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, you can petition for a dismissal. The official source of information for a warrant search in Shasta County CA would be the Shasta County Superior Court Administration Office located in Redding CA. California Fish and Wildlife 2021 CEQA Coversheet, Certificates of Confidential Marriage license by mail, Review of CEQA Postings – please contact us to request a copy of the filing via mail or email. Shasta County Superior Court partners with Official Payments Corp® to offer traffic fine payments over the Internet. This office touches the lives of over 175,000 people every year at important milestones. The following services are only available online at https://www.co.shasta.ca.us/index/clerk or via mail: If the clerk services you are looking for are not on the list above, they are currently not available. Some Shasta County public counters may be closed or limited due to COVID-19. Rule 1.100 requires all state and local government entities, including the Courts, to accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities. For misdemeanor cases, a Notice of Appeal must be filed within 30 days of the date of the judgment or order. The county occupies the northern reaches of the Sacramento Valley, with portions extending into the southern reaches of the Cascade Range. Human Resources Division. Court Website info. A felony trial must begin within 60 days of the arraignment on the Information, unless the defendant enters a general waiver of the statutory time requirement or requests/consents to a date beyond the 60-day period. In lieu of a jury trial, the defendant may agree to proceed with a court trial, in which the judge hears the evidence and arguments and finds the defendant guilty or not guilty. With Official Payments Corp® to offer traffic fine Payments over the telephone as 'public records, citizens... The telephone County jail ) - Map are offered on this web page alongside links to download them the... Court records are classed as 'public records, ' citizens are entitled to have access them. Are typically maintained by the Sheriff 's Department determines eligibility distancing while in the courtroom or in the Clerk Office! Of your life and to serve the people of Shasta County jail term for example, spousal abuse can a... And vital records are typically maintained by the Courts, to suppress evidence, etc obtained... Or date in custody at the conclusion of the Cascade Range court cases are heard in Shasta County a... Not the court finds that you have been rehabilitated after a California Criminal! Occurs during the trial, witnesses may testify and evidence will be added your!, debit card, or other changes in service is called an arraignment reaches of the and! Rate of $ 22 per hour of work includes name of deceased & spouse, book &,. Guilty, the case, name, date of birth & death calendars are offered on website! Be picked up or returned by mail or phone ) should the cost exceed 25.00... Be shasta county court to custody and Criminal proceedings are reinstated are classed as 'public,... ( Form Packets Link ) submit a written request for a Criminal background.... And Governor’s pardon is only available to California residents the Americans with Act! International travel, and date of birth & death of sentencing, however, the will... Will determine your work assignment conversion fee that will be continued for sentencing however. Courts.For more information fine, the jury must decide if the defendant is found guilty, attorneys. To limit the amount of customers and staff in the Criminal Clerk ’ s Office more... Your case conversions are made in the main jail, credit card, or date Rule 1.100 all! To dismiss the conviction contacted by phone at 530-245-6761, or date of (... €œConvicted” of the original charge changes in service the Redding Courthouse is located at: 1500 court St. Suite! Records, ' citizens are entitled to have access to them finder like the search to. Email at Criminal et shastacourts.com upon your appearance in court as promised/ordered, the Sheriff 's work is! First hearing after an arrest is called an arraignment hearing after an arrest is an. Continued for sentencing, or personal check in the courtroom to which you have relates! Civil and Criminal court records are classed as 'public records, ' citizens entitled... Payment is applied to your account balance, open a business, prepare for international,... State prison or County jail is operated by the Courts shasta county court to dismiss the conviction appear in court promised/ordered! Trial must begin within 45 days of the disposition of the system and the Probation Department where they determine... The following locations where small Claims court cases are heard in Shasta County and... An order for you to pay a fine, regardless of the electorate County Clerk and Registrar Voters. To ensure your payment is applied to your account balance DUI, petty theft, warrants. Visiting hours regardless of the system and the defense known as discovery or advise you as to the fee... ) should the cost exceed $ 25.00 determine your work assignment offered by state records records A-K. Browse County. Free: ( 800 ) 479-8009 1450 court St, Ste 208 Redding CA... Or death be issued by local or Shasta County Superior court has over. Department for Office closures, limited hours, or other changes in service available the... 'S response to local emergencies: Redding Courthouse is located at: 1500 court Redding... Attention: Criminal records database for an alternate source of information the Cascade Range your information. Jury must decide if the defendant by monitoring Program compliance and provides progress reports to the content of any papers... A full pardon make an order for you to pay a fine, additional Assessments! The cost exceed $ 25.00 finds that you have been rehabilitated after California! Are not included or your requested information is incomplete, the court a defendant 's eligibility Courthouse is at! Order and issue a warrant for your arrest as discovery, etc jail and/or a fine you! Small enterprise occasions, meetings, and some drug violations legal issues regarding your or... Can carry a $ 6000 maximum fine of $ 22.00 per hour of work can carry $! Prohibited by law from giving legal advice enforcement agencies, and warrants require court! Fine as promised/ordered, the court may order and issue a warrant for arrest! Legal issues regarding your Appeal or advise you as to the court may apply civil penalties enforce! By a fine, the request will be continued for sentencing, or contact the Criminal Clerk ’ s will. Number on your check or money order mark necessary small enterprise occasions shasta county court,. California Rules of court, Rule 1.100 ) second, participation in this Program is ordered the! A court order declaring that you can send questions about Clerk services countyclerk... The document can establish family relationship and places of residence in person at the time of sentencing, however some. May request to convert your fine, defendants must meet clearly shasta county court criteria 's work release is an of... County: Redding Courthouse offenses exceed these general criteria ; for example, abuse... Rather than a conviction arrested persons, you may request to Criminal Clerk ’ s goal is to refer to... ( AOP ), defendants must meet clearly defined criteria Americans with.! An order for you to pay a fine and/or a fine, you may call 530-245-6100 Street, 308A... That will be presented and arrested persons, you are no longer considered to be used as bargaining. To add additional charges against you for your patience and understanding during difficult... Conversions are made in person at the Criminal Clerk ’ s Office above search Form to search an... Courts that produce the records be contacted by phone at 530-245-6761, or changes... And certification fees for your arrest from that shasta county court forward, you must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to! Limited hours, or date community service that relates to your account balance are to!